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Become a collaborative leader! Get Certified
Become a collaborative leader! Get Certified
Remote and In-person, Junior-to-senior

Contract Designer

To Apply

We are taking a non-traditional approach to hiring here at Voltage Control. To kick-start the process, we are starting the interview right out of the gate. This will help us speed up the process and lets us get to know you just a bit better. To apply please fill out the following questionnaire:

Why Voltage Control

Voltage Control is a change agency that helps leaders and teams thrive through change to fully unleash their potential. We specialize in interventions and training focused on facilitation, collaboration, psychological safety, and play for organizations experiencing uncertainty and change. Every change is unique. With a deep respect for tailored solutions, we conceive and design custom programs that take you on the specific journey to your destination. We believe that your team has the answers and abilities for the change you seek, so our experiences are designed to help you extract them. Our master facilitators offer trusted guidance and custom coaching to companies that want to expand mindsets, transform culture, foster team health, and unleash everyone.  Based in Austin, TX but a 100% remote company. 

We move fast, but always keep our core values at the forefront of everything we do: Be Present for Empathy, Stay Curious + Grow, Include + Unleash Everyone, Pride in Craft, Thrive in Ambiguity. Join us in this opportunity to facilitate transformative programs as part of an inclusive, supportive team committed to improving the way people connect, work. and change together.

Contract Overview

Voltage Control has an established brand voice and style. You are responsible for creating or tweaking assets to fit the established brand style. You may also be asked to create assets for Voltage Control clients according to their design standards. 

The Ideal Contractor

Our ideal contractor is passionate about designing in a way that balances function and form. You have a passion for creating assets to support deep skill building, professional development, and sales enablement. This ideal candidate will be capable of working hybridly across a number of skill sets and cross-functional teams. We seek someone with a rich portfolio.

Responsibilities and Duties