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Next Cohort Deadline Dec 22nd Apply Today
Next Cohort Deadline Dec 22nd Apply Today

Create the Future of Higher Education

After an uncertain and challenging couple of years, one thing is clear: The future of higher education is here.

Students now expect synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid learning opportunities. They demand diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments. They want an experience that will truly prepare them for the future — one that is worth the money. And the universities that don’t adapt, won’t last. 

But you know better than anyone that leading large-scale change within a university is easier said than done. You know how difficult it is to get all the necessary players — your professors, administrators, and other decision-makers — aligned.

That’s where we come in. Our immersive and highly participatory program will help those key players learn the tools and skills they need to transform your university’s culture. The time to implement change is now.

We’ll help your employees:


We won’t just help you understand the concepts, tools, and frameworks you need to move forward. You’ll get hands-on experience applying these methods across your work.

Guided & Personal

Your experience will be based fully around the needs of your organization. Our process is highly individualized and deeply personal. And we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Driven by Peer Learning

As much as you can learn from us, you can learn even more from each other. We’ll help you establish supportive peer-learning groups to productively share and receive feedback.


Everything we do together will be in service of your goals. We’ll help you evaluate your progress by establishing KPIs, completing regular assessments, and celebrating your success.

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Create the change you want to see

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Futures Wheel

The Futures Wheel is a foresight method that provides a model of the future.