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Next Cohort Deadline Sept 6th Apply Today

Beyond the Prototype Template

for Mural & Miro


A Blockage Breaker

Slumps can be defined in many ways. They prevent us from being efficient, effective, and they are the enemy of innovation. It's just that simple. What is difficult is finding ways around these impediments. Because Voltage Control employs humans, we suffer from slumps from time to time. Watch our founder Douglas, author of Beyond the Prototype, share more insights in this short video. Then download the template and regain that momentum you miss so much!


Identification is the first step

You can't prevent or resolve what you can't see. We'll start by identifying the root causes and instigators; the sooner the better. Once you take a moment and objectively reflect on your slump, you'll be well on your way to emerging from it.


Our Tips


Slumps are inevitable for everyone. The thing that separates us is how well we navigate them. When you loose momentum, use this tool to get back on track.



Context is always king. Knowing where you came from is going to help you determine where you want to go.



Start in the upper left-hand corner and work clockwise until you identify what actions you will take, and when you will act.



Being too vague won’t get you anywhere. Embrace specificity and be as honest as possible. Otherwise, you will mistake a symptom for a root cause.

The Books

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Innovation can seem complex or reserved for the exceptional. But we believe innovation is for everyone. We’ve set out to illuminate a path for you to generate bold ideas, visualize and share them, overcome obstacles, and turn them into reality. Our books are equal parts guidebook and stories from years of experience helping companies adopt an innovation mindset and culture. They’re practical & actionable, so you can get started now. We hope they’ll help you on your journey to realizing your biggest, boldest ideas.