Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Use Design Thinking to Create Innovative Human-Centered Solutions

August 8-9, 2023
10am - 2pm CT​
Live Online
Ready to bring more innovation to your work?

Design Thinking is a popular human-centric approach to problem-solving that more industries than ever use to create products and experiences that truly help people and even change lives.  It emphasizes observation, collaboration, fast learning, visualization of ideas, rapid concept prototyping, and concurrent business analysis, which ultimately influences innovation and business strategy. This powerful approach guides you through a process to uncover insights, prototype an idea, and test it with users. And Design Thinking can help you reimagine elements of your employee experience.

In this workshop, we’ll provide you with the key foundations in design thinking to better solve problems and seize opportunities in your work.
August 8-9, 2023
10am - 2pm CT​
Live Online
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Deep Work Session 1
Empathize and Define Your Employee Experience
Deep Work Session 2
Ideate Potential Solutions
Deep Work Session 3
Prototype Elements of an Optimal Solution
Deep Work Session 4
Plan for Testing and Implementation of an Optimal Solution

Who Should Attend

Chiefs of Staff
who want to infuse more innovation across teams
L&D Leaders
who want to redesign the employee experience
who seek more ways to make their company human-centered
who want to help their teams push creative boundaries

Key Takeaways

Recognize key design thinking principles
Empathize and Define Your Employee Experience
Ideate & Prototype Potential Employee Experience Solutions
Plan for Testing and Implementation of an Optimal Employee Experience
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Featured Facilitators

Chris Federer
Chris has helped design and facilitate Unconferences, Design Sprints, Team Alignment, Kickoffs, Business Strategy, and Collaboration Training for companies such as Dell, Alliant Insurance, Snap, and FAI just to name a few. His previous roles include Design Sprint Facilitator, Community Builder, UX Designer, Program Director, and Event Director.

What People are Saying

"Anyone that can construct a sequence of conversations to lead others is a metaskill. Anyone who participates in meetings or owns an agenda would benefit from this. It is a whirlwind, but you are among others who are in charge of making an impact. This is a practical, hands-on deep dive for managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders who can change their culture by leading meetings like a pro."

Mark T.

"I realized my entire role is facilitation. I have to do a lot of lateral influencing. So I use these skills even if it is not a super-structured workshop. Our product team has micro meetings all the time, and these methods help us get the most of those moments. My team can lean on me to facilitate. You will redesign the way you have conversations. I can’t believe every college student doesn’t have to take a class like this. This is how you collaborate. It is the underpinning of the future of work."

Savannah C.
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