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Next Cohort Deadline June 22nd Apply Today

Workshop Design Template

for Mural & Miro

WORKSHOP Design Template

Design workshop learning experiences for lasting growth and transformation.

The best workshops are impactful learning experiences. The best facilitators, whether they realize it or not, use learning experience design principles to create lasting transformation. We created the LXD Canvas to introduce learning experience design principles to facilitators who haven't considered them and to help everyone apply them more effectively in your facilitation to maximize participant potential.

WORKSHOP Design Template

Focus On The Learner Journey

There are many ways to use the template. We find starting with the "Learner After" (where we hope learners will end up after the experience) and then moving to "Learner Before" (where learners begin the experience) to be a great way to focus first on learner needs and value you're designing for them. Then, we move to designing activities and assessment points. Bear in mind that the learning journey is rarely linear and one-size-fits-all. Use the checklist to design for different learner needs and with optimal learning experience design practices. We encourage you to experiment and explore how these techniques will improve your workshops and learning experiences; leverage the template and iterate over time. We would love your feedback.

WORKSHOP Design Template

Our Tips


The Learning Experience Design Canvas provides a mapping space and guide for you to design transformative workshop, meeting, and/or training learning experiences.


Use the checklist and canvas areas to design your outcomes and objectives, support learners, and come up with the best activities and assessments.



Begin with the end. Start with “Learner After” and then move to “Learner Before.” Then, move to the activities and assessments to ensure a focus on learner needs and optimal value.


The learning journey is rarely linear and one-size-fits all. Experiment, explore, and iterate with this canvas to design your learning experiences.

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