MAY 21 • 10AM-11AM CDT

Agenda Design for Distributed Prototyping

Watch an experiential agenda design session to help you facilitate and lead a creative and effective distributed team of makers.

Running a distributed team requires much more than just working remotely and using Zoom. You have to change your paradigm around traditional collaboration. If you are able to, a team that can execute asynchronously can do things a traditional team can’t. In this fun, fast-paced design session, you’ll witness facilitation experts and agenda software entrepreneurs design a distributed prototyping workshop agenda in real time. Using SessionLab, master facilitators from Voltage Control will show you how they design agendas to make the most of a distributed prototyping team, and by participating, you will level-up your facilitation and leadership skills through observation and peer feedback. Our facilitators will be building out an agenda filled with virtual facilitation methods and distributed team management strategies, teaching why and how they work.

You’ll see tips and tricks so you can incorporate these jedi techniques into everyday distributed team workflows like a pro. It’s not just about having an agenda, but developing a new paradigm that you can draw on to be a master leader for a distributed team that collaborates virtually.


May 21st


10am–11am CDT



How You'll Learn

This agenda design session will be activity-based. You’ll have the chance to ask questions about new facilitation approaches and frameworks in a safe space. We won’t just talk at you — you’ll learn through asking questions and commenting in real-time. There will be plenty of time for Q&A, so you can learn from our experience running hundreds of workshops at some of the world’s largest enterprises.

Key Takeaways

How to design agendas for asynchronous & synchronous work for your team in a virtual environment

Transform your online meeting planning using a narrative framework

Witness a team of meeting software entrepreneurs and professional facilitators remix ideas in real-time

Wait, what's facilitation?

Whether you know it or not, you are probably a facilitator. Facilitators lead and guide teams through important gatherings (think: “lockdowns,” working sessions, strategic meetings, etc.) to achieve better outcomes. They are skilled at developing focused agendas, leading collaborative activities, remaining impartial, and keeping participants on task, even if the team is distributed. Even if you are not a professional facilitator, many of us have to play the role of facilitator at key moments in our day-to-day work. Here’s your chance to learn tools to do it more successfully.

What People are Saying

"There are many choices for workshops, but in my mind there are very few who get it right. Douglas Ferguson and Voltage Control get it. If you are looking to learn a topic for the first time or level up your own skills or that of your team, then the virtual workshops offered by Voltage Control are a great option. Thanks to the workshops, we are now confidently moving beyond design thinking and regularly pushing prototypes into production."

Robert T.


"One of the best things about the Voltage Control community is that they setup a virtual learning space that covers every aspect of Edgar Dale’s classic cone of learning. They encompass the principles of adult learning without ever talking about it ... they just do it."

Ron K.

digital change consultant at ibm

About Douglas

Douglas Ferguson is the founder and president of Austin-based facilitation agency Voltage Control, a Design Sprint and innovation expert, master facilitator, speaker, Fractional CTO/CPO, and author of three books: Beyond the Prototype, How to Remix Anything (Co-authored), and Start Within (Co-authored).

About John

John is Chief Product Officer of Voltage Control, where we prototypes tools to help people facilitate better meetings. He enjoys designing technology through unlearning and the generous act of sonder. Prior to Voltage Control, John was Entrepreneur in Residence at Animal Ventures where he advised Fortune 100 leadership on their prototyping practices and led distributed software teams at the intersection of machine learning, robotics, and decentralized computing. John also worked directly with Google Ventures running Design Sprints and now coaches organizations how to develop rapid prototyping practices within their culture.

About Robert

Facilitator, Co-founder and CEO of SessionLab

Robert is the co-founder of SessionLab, an online platform that helps people design and facilitate better meetings.

The motivation and passion to build SessionLab grew from facilitating hundreds of group workshops and experiential learning sessions. Having to battle with version number 38 of the same Excel sheet while co-designing workshops, and struggling to find new creative workshop exercises was telling that there clearly should be a better way to design effective sessions.

About Filip

Co-founder and CTO of SessionLab, Facilitator and Interpersonal Skills Trainer

Filip’s almost decade long experience in training and facilitation combined perfectly with his technical background when he decided to solve some of his personal frustrations and start SessionLab. The goal was open-source facilitation knowledge and empower people to focus on quality of the content. Filip also holds a PhD in the field of Human-Computer Interaction which he considers is just another form of facilitation - between human and computer - with similar goals of helping people manage work, processes and knowledge in general.

Photo Disclaimer

Please note that photographs, video & audio recordings will be taken throughout this event. These will be used by Voltage Control for marketing and publicity in our publications, on our website and in social media, or in any third party publication. Please contact our events manager, Tara <>, if you have any concerns or if you wish to be exempted from this activity.


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