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Next Cohort Deadline June 22nd Apply Today

Workshop Methods & Activities

A collection of links to inspire methods & activities for your next workshop

Instead of creating yet another collection or library of workshop methods and activities, we decided to create a definitive list of all of the existing libraries and resources. If you have a favorite that isn’t listed, or would like us to include yours, just send us a link and let us know how you’d like it to be categorized (even if that category doesn’t exist). You can email us at


Facilitation Lab Community Hub

Join our Community Hub to access a treasure trove of member curated resources.

Facilitation Frameworks

Systems of collaboration and communication that are built for a specific purpose. Whether you need to encourage involvement in a problem-solving project or increase positive thinking for organizational change these frameworks are designed to give you a system to follow.

Diverse Libraries

Searchable and sortable libraries to help you find the framework or activity that fits your specific leadership challenge. Try a whole new process or mix and match activities to expand your toolbox.

Design Thinking

Design thinking helps remove ambiguity by focusing on human elements. These toolkits will help you walk your team through the five stages of Design Thinking (Empathize, Define, Ideate Prototype, and Test) with greater involvement and clearer results.


Break out of ruts and old mindsets using these theater inspired games. Play is a great way to expand the way people view problems and potential solutions.

Facilitation Certification

Develop the facilitation skills and confidence needed to transform meetings, inspire innovation, drive collaboration, and lead change.

Active Learning

Strategies for creating an interactive learning environment which can increase participation as well as retention.

Idea Generation & Prototype

Add some creative fuel with these activities to help define a problem and develop and test potential solutions.

Agile & Team

Agile focused games and challenges designed to build teamwork and help teams learn and master the agile process.

Icebreakers & Eyeopeners

Build rapport and get participants to engage with team building games and activities to introduce new concepts.

Social Justice & Community

Support Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging initiatives with frameworks and tools focused on social justice and sustainable economies.

Emotional Intelligence

Increase productivity and satisfaction with these activities and exercises designed to help people understand who they are and how they best interact with others.

Trainer Games

Games that can help you reinforce topics and concepts by applying the learning to a team-oriented task.

Service Design

Prompts for refining a human-centered approach through the research ideation, prototyping and facilitation phases of the process.