Learn the foundations of facilitation in just 5 days with our facilitator mini-course. Sign up and start today
Learn the foundations of facilitation in just 5 days with our facilitator mini-course. Sign up and start today

Our Books

Resources to help you bring your ideas to life.

Magical Meetings

Reinvent How Your Team Works Together

By Douglas Ferguson & John Fitch

In this guide, we tackle the myth that the most effective way to get more out of meetings is to just avoid having them or to have less of them. But meetings are integral to getting sh*t done. Meetings are the secret underappreciated weapon that businesses are using badly. And why do they use them so badly? Because no one has been taught how to make them better.

Beyond the Prototype

A roadmap for navigating the fuzzy area between ideas and outcomes

By Douglas Ferguson

Have you ever struggled to move a key innovation project forward at work? Based on his experiences running Design Sprints for top companies, Douglas Ferguson wrote Beyond the Prototype to offer practical advice for people shifting from discovery to realization. Full of stories from companies like Google, Liberty Mutual, and Adobe, this guide outlines six steps that every team should take to launch their vision.

How to Remix Anything

By Douglas Ferguson & John Fitch

There is a really good chance that someone has already solved a problem similar to the one you are working on, but it’s in another industry or time in history. You just need to find that analogous inspiration. This handbook will help you and your team discover it.

Start Within

By Douglas Ferguson & Karen Holst

Co-authors Karen and Douglas have spent the last 20 years in the trenches bringing new ideas forward within organizations. They have learned what it takes to launch innovation within a company and has covered the gamut of organizational types from state government agencies and military armed forces to startups and large public corporations. Reflecting upon these experiences, they noticed that while no one company or organization is like the other, there are common patterns that were almost universal.  Assembled from these observations and insights about innovation and bringing new ideas to life, the Start Within framework provides a way to assess your situation, how it relates to the unique nature of your company, and what tools and actions are appropriate for you to move forward.