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Facilitation | February 26, 2021

Scaling an idea is essential to bringing any idea to market, if it's scalable. Avoid the trap of voltage drop to successfully scale your innovations.

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Remote Work | February 24, 2021

Run your next remote workshop like a pro by doing the following: 1) Prepare 2) Get involved 3) Be flexible 4) Schedule cleanup time 5) Debrief

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Podcast | February 23, 2021

Control the Room Podcast: Douglas Ferguson speaks with Vijay Kumar, Professor Emeritus at the Illinois Tech's Institute of Design and author of 101 Design Methods, about his book, vintage typewriters, and framing insights. Listen in to see dynamic systems with design-based structures re-shape how we interact with the world around us.

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Design Sprints | February 17, 2021

Design Sprint user testing is a critical step in the Design Sprint process. Learn how to setup and conduct user testing and bring your next big idea to life.

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Facilitation | February 16, 2021

Control the Room 2021: a recap of our 3-day virtual facilitator summit.

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Podcast | February 16, 2021

Control the Room Podcast: Douglas Ferguson speaks with Ed Morrison, Director of the Agile Strategy Lab in North Alabama University, about team-based communication models, Strategic Doing, and transformative thinking for hopeless, uncertain futures. Listen in to hear Ed guide us through the questions, processes, and frameworks that will help in making the most of complex environments.

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Meeting Culture | February 10, 2021

Follow these 7 effective meeting guidelines to kick Zoom fatigue and optimize your remote meeting culture: 1. Determine the need for the meeting. 2. Prepare in advance. 3. Share expectations and goals. 4. Create a safe space. 5. Stay on track and redirect. 6. Recap and gather feedback. 7. Follow-up.

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Podcast | February 9, 2021

Control the Room Podcast: Douglas Ferguson speaks with Nancy Giordano about updating strategic efforts, machine learning, and the tools meeting planners have at their disposal in bettering their teams’ success. Listen in to hear Nancy break down the importance of bringing a relevant strategy to multi-faceted, complex teams.

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