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Podcast | December 7, 2021

Control the Room Podcast: Douglas Ferguson speaks with Darren Chait about his experience building productivity software for teams. We discuss the link between bad meetings and bad cultures, how productivity software has changed in the past 5 years, and his unconventional point of view on the return to work post covid. Listen in to learn about ‘killing meeting sacred cows’, communication bandwidths, and empowering people to work when they’re most productive. 

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Design Thinking | December 3, 2021

Seven reasons to consider working with a strategic planning service.

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Meeting Culture | December 1, 2021

Leading a design thinking workshop is an effective way to start scaling your company. Embrace growth in the workplace by applying design methodology to your daily practices.

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Podcast | November 30, 2021

Control the Room Podcast: Douglas Ferguson speaks with Terrence Metz about his extensive experience as a facilitation practitioner, author, and trainer. We explore concepts like rhetorical precision, consciousness, and competence.  We then discuss the distinction between enterprise vs. community facilitation, consensus vs. unanimity, and stories vs. metaphors.  Listen in to learn questions every facilitator needs to know.

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Case Study | November 29, 2021

We helped international teams rapidly prototype via nine fully remote Design Sprints at the height of the pandemic.

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Magical Meeting Stories | November 26, 2021

Douglas Ferguson speaks with Jackie Colburn, strategist, facilitator, and founder of her own Design Sprint practice.

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Meeting Culture | November 24, 2021

The top reasons why hiring an innovation consulting firm is a stellar investment for any business

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Podcast | November 23, 2021

Control the Room Podcast: Douglas Ferguson speaks with Anna Jackson about her experience helping groups work together on what matters most to them, often facilitating collaborative learning experiences, and as a partner for people who want to learn Liberating Structures. We explore why it’s ok to be fallow at times and methods for understanding the needs of clients. We then discuss the differences in group work and individual work. Listen in to learn about the mechanisms of systems thinking, transitional facilitation, and learning partnerships.

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