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Meeting Culture | September 24, 2021

How to drive a culture of innovation at your organization in today’s unique environment: 1. Allow flexible work options whenever possible 2. Prioritize DEI initiatives 3. Utilize Innovation Training 4. Promote autonomy within your team as much as possible 5. Have an appetite for risk

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Meeting Culture | September 22, 2021

Easily gather ideas and arrive at group consensus in the virtual landscape using the Concentric Consensus method and template.

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Podcast | September 21, 2021

Control the Room Podcast: Douglas Ferguson speaks with Todd Allmond, Director of Customer Experience Center of Excellence at Microsoft, about his years of enterprise experience, how a field trip changed his career trajectory, and why digital customer experiences should be treated as products.

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Magical Meeting Stories | September 17, 2021

Douglas Ferguson speaks with Alison coward, Founder of Bracket, about her Big Picture Thinking Workshop and how it helps teams approach thinking and working together from a holistic view.

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Podcast | September 14, 2021

Control the Room Podcast: Douglas Ferguson speaks with Paula Rosecky, Facilitator of Paula Rosecky & Company, about her experience working with daughters of immigrants to help create a sense of belonging in their personal and professional lives, how Paula's multicultural upbringing influenced her take on facilitation, and more.

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Meeting Culture | September 10, 2021

Ensure that all of your meetings are magical by properly preparing for them: clarify the purpose of the meeting, only invite who is necessary, consider the possible outcomes of your meeting to gauge success, and let attendees know what to expect.

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Meeting Culture | September 8, 2021

Build a strong culture with a remote team using these 5 tactics: 1. Instill Trust and Confidence in Your Team 2. Purposefully Create Space and Time for Team Building and Socializing 3. Eliminate Siloed Work and Offer Training and Development 4. Have the Right Tools and Tech For Collaborative Communication 5. Show Your Appreciation

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Podcast | September 7, 2021

Control the Room Podcast: Douglas Ferguson speaks with Tim Beattie, Global Head of Product of Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, about the value of incorporating open innovation groups in your organization to gather customer feedback, the benefits of having direct access to customer feedback when these spaces are created, the importance of having consistent showcase events and more.

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