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Douglas Ferguson speaks with Kellee Franklin, strategic innovation leader, facilitator & executive advisor about her Team-Centered Meeting series and the role of the facilitator in meeting design.

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Remote Work | June 9, 2021

Prepare for the future of work with 5 best practices for a distributed workforce: Implement recurring check-ins and meetings, utilize the best tools & tech, define clear team goals, track projects & productivity, and promote team bonding.

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Podcast | June 8, 2021

Control the Room Podcast: Douglas Ferguson speaks with Kwame Christian about breaking down biases in negotiation, the unique approach in negotiation scenarios, strategizing conversations and key recommendations within conflict, and the superpower of negotiation in all aspects of life.

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Conflict Resolution | June 4, 2021

How you make decisions in the workplace determines or prohibits outcomes, productivity, team dynamics, meeting culture, innovation, and transformation.

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Design Sprints | June 2, 2021

Incorporate design thinking exercises in each phases of your next innovation project or design thinking workshop to create meaningful results.

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Podcast | June 1, 2021

Control the Room Podcast: Douglas Ferguson speaks with Jade Duggan, Strategic Counselor & Cultural Design Guidance at Mindbody Leadership & Wellness Organization Structure Expert, about navigating facilitation through mindfulness, applying the skills of self-awareness in leadership towards organization infrastructure, & more.

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Douglas Ferguson speaks with Stephen Shedletzky, Head of Brand of Experience at Simon Sinek, Inc., about his company's Ex Flex meeting, how it saved them from going under during the pandemic, and its lasting effects.

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Facilitation | May 26, 2021

Considering hiring a professional facilitator for your next workshop? Here are three reasons why you should: they are an unbiased leader, increase participant engagement, and increase positivity.

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