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Alumni Stories | December 5, 2023

In this post Neallie reflects on the importance of adaptability and empathy in professional settings. Neallie Kani shares a personal experience of reaching out to quieter team members, which led to valuable insights and built trust within the team. Kani emphasizes the importance of self-reflection, understanding team dynamics, and adapting communication styles for effective leadership. The post advocates for continuous learning in facilitation, highlighting Kani's journey with Voltage Control and the impact of facilitation skills beyond professional life. Kani concludes by echoing Priya Parker's words on the significance of how we gather, stressing the opportunity each interaction presents to shape our world.

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Meeting Culture | December 1, 2023

The post offers insights into effective facilitation in global business settings, emphasizing the importance of clear and respectful communication when working with interpreters. It outlines three types of interpretation - simultaneous, consecutive, and whisper - each suited for specific scenarios. The article also provides eight key tips for facilitators, including preparing technology, speaking directly to participants, and considering specialized interpreters. It highlights the limitations of digital translation tools compared to the nuanced understanding offered by human interpreters.

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Podcast | November 28, 2023

In this episode of the Facilitation Lab podcast, host Douglas Ferguson talks with Roselle, Global Head of Quality Training and Optimization for Concur Expense Audit and Capture Services at SAP. They discuss the importance of facilitation in the workplace, with Roselle sharing her journey and experiences in leading diverse teams. She emphasizes the value of connecting people, understanding multicultural dynamics, and having a growth mindset. Roselle also shares her approach to meetings and the importance of debriefing. She expresses her passion for creating safe, inclusive spaces and her plans to build a facilitation community within her team.

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Alumni Stories | November 21, 2023

"Designing Change" by JJ Rogers delves into the transformative world of facilitation. From a design consultancy to leading a product design team, Rogers uncovers how facilitation transcends mere activities, emerging as a key to collaboration and potential. The book highlights the crucial influence of the Voltage Control community on Rogers' career, detailing how this engagement profoundly altered their leadership and teamwork strategies. It's a tale of personal growth and professional evolution, showcasing facilitation's impact in the corporate landscape.

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Meeting Culture | November 17, 2023

Explore key insights from Rick Rubin's "The Creative Act: A Way of Being" for facilitators and leaders. This bestseller from the music industry icon merges discipline with creativity, providing valuable lessons for corporate innovation. Learn Rubin's approach to the creative process, the importance of embracing constraints, and the power of collaboration. Inspired by his extensive music career, Rubin's methods apply to various fields, enhancing problem-solving and innovative thinking. This summary shows how Rubin's ideas can rejuvenate facilitation and spark innovation in today's professional environments.

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Podcast | November 14, 2023

On the Facilitation Lab podcast, host Douglas Ferguson interviews Dom Michalec, a product coach at Pathfinder Product. Dom delves into his facilitation journey, underscoring effective team collaboration. He shares how implementing liberating structures from "Liberating Structures" enhanced his meetings, boosting idea generation and decision-making. Dom stresses refining facilitation skills over just acquiring tools. The discussion also covers his role at Pathfinder Product, crafting impactful one-hour workshops, and the idea of coaching upwards, presenting insights for facilitators and team leaders.

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Meeting Culture | November 9, 2023

Discover the power of collaborative leadership. Learn about its definition, distinction from facilitation, and the five key benefits: enhanced decision-making, increased productivity, stronger relationships, greater innovation, and higher engagement. Understand the challenges, particularly in balancing autocratic and collaborative styles, and explore the five essential qualities of a successful collaborative leader: being purposed, inclusive, clear, crafted, and adaptive. Embrace this leadership style for a more engaged and effective workforce.

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Alumni Stories | November 2, 2023

Susan Golab Wilson's blog post details a transformative facilitation experience. Confronted with lackluster engagement, she transitioned to a standing meeting around a SMART board, invigorating team interaction and collaboration. This approach allowed the group to collectively identify crucial project elements, fostering a co-created solution that capitalized on individual strengths and amplified lesser-heard perspectives. This success reignited Susan's passion for facilitation, bolstering her confidence and preparing her to tackle future challenges with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

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