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Next Cohort Deadline June 22nd Apply Today
Next Cohort Deadline June 22nd Apply Today

Master Facilitation Certification

Elevate Your Leadership and Facilitation Mastery

Facilitation Certification Overview

Become a World-Class Collaborative Leader

Designed exclusively for our distinguished alumni, the Master Facilitation Certification is an invitation to elevate your facilitation and leadership skills to the highest level. This elite program, limited to a select group of our Facilitation Certification Program Alums, ensures customized guidance and deep learning engagement.

Our immersive approach will allow you to:

Program Structure and Highlights

Advanced Facilitation Dynamics

In the first month, you’ll start immediately with advanced topics, diving deep into facilitating systems change, navigating high-stakes conversations, and enhancing your resilience and presence as a grounded leader. This prepares you to tackle complex challenges and better lead with confidence and agility.

Coaching and Mentoring Excellence

In the second month, you’ll shift focus to guiding others. Each participant will mentor a Facilitation Certification Program Student, applying and honing advanced coaching techniques. This practical experience is designed to refine your ability to develop emerging leaders and facilitators, enhancing your influence and effectiveness.

Capstone Leadership

The final month is dedicated to finishing a significant leadership project of your choice—whether launching a new initiative, starting a business, or undertaking a major transformation within your organization. This capstone project goes beyond the professional facilitation portfolio developed in the Facilitation Certification Program, allowing you to further apply your skills in real-world contexts that highlight your strategic vision and innovation and advance your career.

What You Will Gain

Upon successful completion, you will receive a prestigious Master Facilitation Certification, underscoring your advanced skills and dedication to excellence. This credential not only enhances your professional profile but also sets you apart as a visionary leader capable of shaping the future.

Master Facilitation Certification


Our 3-month master facilitation certification program includes foundations, electives, and a capstone experience.

Advanced Facilitation Dynamics​

Month 1

Live sessions will be held on Fridays 9a – 12p US Pacific Time.

 Individual office hours will be available by appointment.

Coaching and Mentoring Excellence​

Month 2

This portion of the certification will be asynchronous but you should expect to devote approximately 3-5 hours per week to coursework and coaching.

Individual office hours will be available by appointment.

Capstone Leadership​

Month 3

Live sessions will be held on Fridays 9a – 12p US Pacific Time. Individual office hours will be available after class TBD.

Individual office hours will be available by appointment.

Upcoming Cohorts


Fall 2024


October 3–January 2, 2025

Application Deadline

September 19, 2024


Spring 2025


February 7-April 25, 2025

Application Deadline

January 24, 2025

Apply for Master Facilitation Certification Today

Master future-proof facilitation skills and become an effective leader, delivered through a flexible online learning format.

Admission Requirements

Certification Fee: $7,500 (Includes all coursework, office hours with course instructor(s), and master facilitation portfolio evaluation). 

Applications are due Sept 19th, 2024 5p CT

Applicants will be notified of a decision no later than September 27th, 2024.

Take your facilitation to the next level.*

*The Master Facilitation Certification is meant for leaders who have completed our Core Facilitation Certification Program. If you haven’t completed this program yet, we’d love to see you in one of our upcoming Core Facilitation Certification Cohorts.

**Please note that all payments made towards our certification program are non-refundable. 

Professional Development Reimbursement Template

An employee who is committed to their continued education is a valuable asset—which is why so many companies have a professional development reimbursement policy. You could have your expenses for Master Facilitation Certification completely or partially covered! If your organization does not have a tuition reimbursement plan in place, they may still provide partial or complete funding for your Master Facilitation Certification.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. We created a tuition reimbursement template for you to use to start the conversation with your boss.

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A key part of our mission is to support diverse leaders from different methodologies, backgrounds, races, genders, sexual orientations, cultures, and ages. If you are a part of, or serve, a traditionally underrepresented group and feel that this scholarship would allow you to amplify this mission, please apply now and select the option to Apply for Diversity Scholarship.

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