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Next Cohort Deadline Sept 6th Apply Today
Next Cohort Deadline Sept 6th Apply Today

Empower Your Team Through Facilitation Excellence

Break down barriers and build facilitation skills for more collaboration, innovation, and efficiency through custom training programs designed for teams big and small.

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Facilitation is a Critical Skill to Your Organization’s Success

Your leaders drive retention, productivity, and belonging. Ensure they have the skills for today and the future.

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Corporate Training Program At-a-Glance

Our comprehensive facilitation certification program is aligned with the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) competencies. By the end of this corporate training program, your team members will be able to:

Program AT a Glance

Sample Corporate Facilitation Program

Programs can be facilitated online, in-person, and/or hybrid. All private programs are custom and can be extended or condensed to suit the needs of your organization.



We’ll start by working with you to understand your current organizational design and leadership needs. Our initial assessment will help us discover specific target stakeholders, custom learning objectives, and growth opportunities. Using these insights, we’ll design a custom learning program for your team.

With a private corporate training program, your learners will have a consistent and business-relevant experience alongside their peers allowing them to share, integrate, and amplify their growth. The momentum created through these shared learning experiences is further amplified through one-on-one coaching and a private community of practice dedicated to scaling impact across your organization.

Facilitation Foundations

Live Meetings

This synchronous immersive will provide your team members with an introduction to the core competencies and fundamentals of facilitation. Instructors will model the basics of facilitation methods and provide learners with the opportunity to conduct practice sessions with instructor and peer feedback. 

Live sessions are held weekly for three hours and are scheduled at your convenience. Students also typically spend three to five hours per week (on average) outside of class sessions for prep and practice.

Facilitation Electives

Video Courses

After completing the Facilitation Foundations course, students will then select two asynchronous elective modules of interest that will allow for further exploration and application in a key facilitation focus area. Learners should allocate about three to five hours a week per month.

Facilitation electives include:

  • Magical Meetings
  • Design Thinking
  • Liberating Structures
  • Workshop Design
  • New offerings as launched

Facilitation Capstone

Live Meetings

After completing both the Facilitation Foundations and Facilitation Electives Courses, students will complete their certification experience through the Facilitation Capstone Immersive. In this immersive, your team members will create their professional facilitation portfolio, provide artifacts that show competency in key facilitation foundation areas, and create a plan for their leadership growth over the long term. 

Live sessions are held weekly for three hours and are scheduled at your convenience.  Students also typically spend three to five hours per week (on average) outside of class sessions for prep and practice.

Community of Practice

Online • Live Meetings

Launch a community of practice in the 3 months following core learning to establish a space for ongoing facilitation and leadership growth. Participants will continue to meet bi-weekly and bring specific experiences that surface as they continue to practice their competencies across their work. Facilitators will guide participants in ways to continue to improve in their facilitation as well as build a reflective practice that can be sustained long after the formal program ends.

Required Reading

To help ground the experience, all participants receive a course pack that includes key facilitation texts based on your assessment needs such as: The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker, Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making by Sam Kaner with Lenny Lind, Catherine Toldi, Sarah Fisk, and Duane Berger, Liberating Structures by Henri Limpanowicz and Keith McCandless, and Rituals for Virtual Meetings by Kürṣat Ӧzenc, PhD and Glenn Fajardo. These materials not only provide a common set of methods and language to ground the work but also can be used as a handy reference long after the certification is over.


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