“Control The Room” is happening May 23, 2019 in Austin, Texas.

I’m thrilled to announce that Voltage Control is hosting Control The Room 2019, the first annual Austin Facilitator Summit! Our goal is to provide a platform for the Austin facilitator community to gather to share ideas and an authentic, meaningful experience.

We’re lining up a high-energy, highly-interactive day of learning, practicing, and most importantly, connecting. We’re looking for a few enthusiastic people to present at the event and are excited to hear the amazing proposals you have to offer.


Scenes from a past Voltage Control event with Jake Knapp.
Scenes from a past Voltage Control event with Jake Knapp.

The Important Details

  • Time & Place: Control the Room, Austin Facilitator Summit will take place at Capital Factory in downtown Austin on Thursday, May 23, 2019!
  • What to Expect: It’s a full day, single track event for facilitators to meet peers, deepen their knowledge and hone their craft. Our goal is to cross-pollinate facilitators with different methods they can effectively leverage in the future.
The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters
  • Keynote Speaker: We will kick off the day with a presentation by Priya Parker, author of The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters. Priya wants to invigorate the ways people come together in order to banish stale conferences, flat dinner parties, and unproductive board meetings. In her interactive talks, she challenges audiences to dig down to the root of why and how we make connections, create communities, and build organizations.

We’re Looking for Awesome Facilitators to Share & Speak!

  • The Ask: Experienced facilitators willing to share their methods/tools/stories in an interactive session with other facilitators. We will consider a wide array of topics that are innovative, engaging, inspiring, and informative! Co-presenter presentations are accepted and encouraged.
  • Deadline: The Call for Presentations is now live and we will be selecting speakers on a rolling basis through Friday, February 15th (announcing speakers Monday, February 18th) so if you want to participate, please fill out this form ASAP!
Group discussion

Looking for presentations that are…

  • Interactive — Think 10% tell and 90% show
  • Relevant — Is this relevant to or at least interesting to most facilitation leaders?
  • Actionable — What will the attendees be able to do better by the end of the presentation? There should be specific, actionable takeaways to help the attendees better facilitate and lead groups.
  • Concise — Short format presentations keep the day high impact and high energy.
  • Diverse — We’re committed to the diversity of our presenters and attendees

We are committed to a speaker lineup representing the diversity of gender, race and thought that we should expect in our community and are doing our very best to improve the diversity of our attendees as well. If you or someone you know might make a good speaker and would bring valuable diversity to the event or is part of a traditionally underrepresented group, please encourage them to apply and/or reach out to me at douglas@voltagecontrol.co. I’m happy to connect personally and help to plan and submit a presentation.


Past events

Or, maybe you just want to attend?

Tickets are on sale! Buy now to take advantage of the early bird pricing and lock in your spot to see Priya. (Oh, and tell your friends!)