Douglas working with the team at Service Direct
Douglas working with the team at Service Direct

Voltage Control is a consultancy that provides companies and executives with trusted guidance in technology strategy, sustainable processes, and innovation workshops. Everything Voltage Control does is in service of empowering clients to reach their full potential.

“We brought on Voltage Control as a fractional CTO while we searched for a full-time CTO. They delivered a comprehensive technical assessment, helped us prioritize our technical strategy and even optimized some of our internal processes. When talking to investors, we’re proud to mention Voltage Control as a strategic part of our business.”

— Morgan Linton, Co-Founder & CRO at Bold Metrics

What Does a Fraction CTO/CPO Do?

I decided to launch Voltage Control to leverage my 20 years of experience and share my technology and product expertise with a broader audience. One of the main ways I engage with companies and executives is as a Fractional CTO/CPO. If you’re new to the term, let me explain…

A Fractional CTO/CPO can:

1. Collaborate to research, design and execute your technology strategy.

2. Assess your technology landscape to highlight the risks and opportunities, create your technology roadmap and help ensure they are delivered in a timely, cost-effective manner.

3. Work with your executive team to identify how technology can be used strategically to accomplish your business objectives.

“Douglas is one of the most impressive and versatile technology leaders I’ve had the privilege of working with. Hands down one of the best. Disciplined, nimble, and magnanimous — Douglas represents true Animal values, which is why we at Animal Ventures choose whole heartedly to work with him.”

— Tom Serres, Animal Ventures

What Are Typical Fractional CTO/CPO Services?

My clients vary in size, industry, and the challenges they face. But, typically, the companies I work with are: launching a new product, optimizing an existing product, looking for someone to augment their CTO, or backfilling a departing CTO.

The following services are the most common:

Holistic Technical Audit

Activities may include:

  • Architecture Review
  • Scalability Assessment
  • Build vs. Buy Recommendations
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Capital Allocation, ROI Evaluation, and Budgeting
  • Understand & Mitigate Risk, Compliance & Security

Product Strategy

Activities may include:

  • Identify MVP
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Design Sprints
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Product Market Fit Assessment
  • Problem Solution Fit Assessment
  • Develop cohesive plan from Vision to Product Roadmap

Organizational Health Audit

Activities may include:

  • Team Interviews
  • Organization & Team Structure Assessment
  • Recruiting & Hiring Strategy Definition
  • Productivity, Process & Communication Audit
  • Team ‘Health’ & Morale Appraisal
  • Training & Onboarding Best Practices

Interim CTO

Activities may include:

  • Technology Trend Insights
  • Tech Evangelist for Important Meetings
  • Software Development Management
  • Define Key Performance Metrics
  • Manage Vendor Selection
  • Mentor Existing Technical Leadership
  • Create Transition Plan/Vet Candidates.

What to Expect: My Process

Unless a client requests something custom, I usually tackle any project with my standard three-step process: (1) Discover, (2) Assess, and (3) Plan.

The process

During Discovery, I interview the team along with business stakeholders, and attend as many internal meetings as possible. My objective is to take it all in, be a great listener, and record what I am observing. Next, I move into the Assess phase, which involves synthesizing my findings, conducting further research and presenting my results to stakeholders. Finally, I discuss final recommendations and deliver a Plan of action in collaboration with my sponsor and relevant stakeholders. Usually, the proposal highlights easy wins, targeting things we can accomplish in the next three weeks that will provide maximum impact.

Think You’d Benefit from a Fractional CTO/CPO? Let’s Talk.

If you’re interested in talking about how I might be able to assist you, let me know. (The first 30 minutes are always free!) I’d love to meet and hear about your goals and challenges. Please email me at to set up an initial meeting.