The best teams are filled with potential. Harness high potential in the workplace with leadership training and development.

In today’s ever-changing working world, factors like the rise of globalization and the increase in remote work make the need for consistent leadership training and development more necessary than ever.

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In this article, we’ll explore how to identify and maintain your high potential team members with the following topics:

  • Identifying High Potential Employees for leadership training and development
  • Hiring for High Potential 
  • Developing a High-Potential Team
  • What to Expect With Leadership Training and Development 

Identifying High Potential Employees For Leadership Training and Development

High potential in the workplace is the secret weapon of every organization’s future. Your high potential employees (HIPO), are those that demonstrate the winning characteristics of high potential leaders and executives. 

As you discover which team members have the most potential, consider the following qualities:

  • Professional and Technical Expertise 

Top-performers should possess extensive knowledge about their organization and their responsibilities, as well as that outside of their scope of work. An individual that has high potential will also demonstrate prolific leadership capabilities as they indicate they are ready to take on more responsibility. 

  • Taking the Initiative 

Organizations in search of a high potential candidate for a leadership training and development program should look for individuals that show initiative earlier on. Initiative in the way of self-motivation and consistent productivity is an excellent indicator of a high-potential employee.

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  • Fitting Into the Company Culture

When considering high potential, remember to consider your company culture. An organization’s company culture should be consistent from the top-down. Employees that are understanding an organization’s company culture and enjoy it are likely to succeed in a more advanced role in the organization.

  • Honoring Commitments Consistently 

Team members that consistently honor their commitments are also ideal for further high-potential leadership training and development. An employee that is consistently ambitious and is true to their word is someone ready to take on more responsibility. 

  •  Always Curious

Curiosity in the workplace should be rewarded and is an excellent indicator of an employee with high potential. These ever-searching employees are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and are open to constantly growing and expanding on their skillset, making them the ideal high-potential employee.

  • Taking Accountability

Even the employees with the highest potential make mistakes. The ability to accept accountability and demonstrate ownership indicates an employee that isn’t afraid to admit when they’re at fault. By taking accountability for their actions, they’ll always be open to correcting their mistakes and learning to make better decisions in the future. 

Hiring for High Potential 

The best leadership training and development programs enhance upon the foundation that already exists. It’s up to an organization to successfully identify high potential during the recruitment and hiring process as this plays a crucial role in maintaining high potential later on.

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Organizations that are in search of high potential should first determine what drives the HIPO to perform at their best. While certain organizations turn to an extensive list of benefits to entice future high potential employees, the reality is that this rarely is what keeps team members committed to their job. Research shows that the highest potential team members are those that are looking for a position that guarantees growth, mentorship, and stimulating tasks

Moreover, these candidates should align with the organization on strategy, values, and vision to ensure that both parties are ready to work towards a common future. By carefully identifying and vetting candidates based on their ability and willingness to grow and adapt to your organization, you’ll be able to build a team with the highest potential.

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Developing a High Potential Team  

Developing the right high-potential team takes intentional leadership training and development. After hiring the right high-potential candidates to fill your team, it’s important to craft a plan for their continued development and retention. 

In your efforts to maintain your top talent, incorporate the following tactics into your leadership training and development process:

1. Skills Assessment

The best leaders are those that are exceptionally suited for a role. Instead of placing employees with strong leadership skills in a position they may grow into, take the time to determine if their skills, personality, and work practice match their position. 

To determine a team member’s skills consider giving them a skills assessment. This will help to highlight which soft skills they excel in and which skills require improvement. 

2. Succession Planning

Succession planning is another essential part of future executives’ leadership training and development. Implement succession planning with your high-potential team members by asking them about their plans for the future. During this process, you’ll both be able to discuss how the organization will expand and the team member fits into that plan. 

The succession planning process considers the possibilities and progress of both the organization and employees. By identifying your organization’s needs and that of your team members, you’ll have a better idea of the ideal fit for your respective futures.

3. Training Programs

In addition to a comprehensive succession plan, it’s essential to invest in a leadership training and development program that will effectively hone your team’s leadership skills. These programs offer participants the resources and tools to prepare them for upcoming leadership roles. 

Organizations often create their training programs or enroll their high-potential team members in online or in-person sessions. These programs are designed to improve employees’ capabilities, inspire them to achieve more, and create new workflows for better results. By investing in your team members in this way, you’ll improve the team’s productivity, grow their communication skills, and reduce overall employee turnover as you create an engaged and intentional team

4. Networking and Shadowing

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Just as the right training program will prepare your high-potential team members for the next level in their careers, networking and shadowing are also important steps in helping them land the right fit in your team. Encourage your employees to network with clients, management, and executives within the organization. Likewise, inspire certain team members to job shadow appropriate leaders to learn more about their responsibilities and roles within the company. 

5. Coaching and Feedback

Coaching and feedback are an invaluable part of developing your team members. Thoughtful feedback and intentional coaching help employees improve, develop their strengths, and explore new ways of learning. Over time, your high potential team members will develop more confidence and resilience as they build a rapport with key leaders in the organization.

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What to Expect With Leadership Training and Development 

The most effective leadership training and development programs are a unique fit that hones in on each participant’s skill set and strengthens the talents of each HIPO. The best training programs adequately identify participants’ needs as well as the organization’s. Additionally, these programs introduce the most creative and relevant initiatives to help participants grow in expertise and experience as they prepare to take on more responsibility within their organization.

At Voltage Control, we offer leadership development and training programs such as master facilitation certification, change management, and leadership development to help identify, develop, and maintain the high potential in your organization. Contact us today to learn about our custom programs and which courses are the best fit for your team. 

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