Face the challenges of change with intentional innovation. Collaborate with an innovation agency to make your ideas actionable.

Intentional innovation is what drives the best companies forward. Working with an innovation agency is an important step in navigating this process. While studies reveal that innovation is a key element in a company’s success, many executives acknowledge the challenges that come with innovating.

While 84% of executives consider their success to be significantly dependent on innovation, 54% of organizations acknowledge that they face challenges in bridging the gap between their overall business and innovation strategies.

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In this article, we explore the power of intentional innovation and collaborative innovating in the following topics:

  • The Innovation Challenge
  • What to Expect From an Innovation Agency
  • Co-Creating With an Innovation Agency
  • The Power of Innovation Strategy

The Innovation Challenge

Innovation in the workplace is a challenge in itself.

To create a continuous culture of innovation, organizations need to be open to adaptation, change, and constant problem-solving. Oftentimes, new organizations fail in their innovation strategy as they are culturally, managerially, or structurally unable to achieve a willingness to change that is essential to innovation. 

To understand the best path toward long-term innovation, an organization must first learn to identify and rectify the most pressing innovation challenges. Too often, organizational leaders aren’t prepared to accept new ideas and solutions that come with innovation. Leaders may have a limited view of the future, leaving no space for creative thinking or innovative problem-solving. Moreover, companies with a storied past are more likely to resist the necessary changes that allow innovation to happen. 

In every situation where innovation is met with resistance, businesses can fight back with a choice to innovate with intention. With the help of an innovation agency, companies can confidently head into the future with a clear passion and purpose for the best new ideas. 

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What to Expect From an Innovation Agency

Sustainable innovation is a collaborative effort. Partnering with an innovation agency allows companies to design the most effective and sustainable approach to innovation. 

An innovation agency consults with organizations to co-create the innovation process. Innovation agencies focus on refining the creative ideation process as they work to bring new ideas into the world. These agencies specialize in creating new business models, services, and products by helping their clients navigate the inner workings of innovation. 

As many organizations struggle to face the challenges that come with innovation, an innovation agency helps its clients do just that by seamlessly transforming ideas into tangible innovative solutions. In doing this, an innovation agency helps organizations find opportunities, identify their needs, and develop lasting solutions to complex challenges.

Innovation agencies offer a hands-on approach to intentional innovation in the following ways:

  • Strategic Consulting

Innovation agencies can help define and design organizational innovation by translating new concepts and ideas into actionable objectives and frameworks that guarantee long-term innovation. 

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  • Business Design

With the help of an innovation agency, organizations can build and validate new business models and products, starting with the ideation phase and continuing through to the prototyping process. 

  • Coaching Training

Innovation agencies work to enhance innovative skills at every level of an organization. This includes the best concepts and processes from design thinking, agile, lean startup, and similar methodologies to inform their approach to innovation. 

  • Open Innovation

Innovation experts support their clients by partnering with like-minded collaborators to create a robust approach to innovation strategy. 

Co-Creating With an Innovation Agency

For many organizations, the challenge of innovation doesn’t lie in their ability to generate ideas. The true difficulty is in translating their vision into real-life applications. 

As you aim to innovate with intention, consider the following ways an innovation agency will enhance your approach to the ideation process:

1.Create Room for Flexibility

Ambiguity is at the heart of innovation. This lack of clarity can make decision-making challenging, particularly when a product or service needs to be validated by a new market. With the help of an innovation agency, organizations can clarify deliverables while allowing flexibility to inform the validation process. 

2. Challenge Your Way of Working

Collaboration is a significant part of the innovation process. Working with an innovation agency will help organizations embrace the collaborative spirit in their innovation process. The right innovation agency will help foster this sense of co-creation throughout your organization as they encourage your team to trust their creative vision, share their ideas, and collaborate on the best path forward. 

3. Enhance Product Development

Innovation agencies are equipped with the knowledge, resources, and tools to enhance the product development process. Working with an innovation agency will help you develop the newest products and services that meet the ever-expanding needs of your customers. With the help of an agency, you’ll be able to access the ingenuity of innovation experts to design the most commercially viable solutions. 

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4. Maximize Your Creativity

If creativity isn’t already a strong component of your team, reaching out to an innovation agency can change that. Innovation agencies are a hub of creative energy and cutting-edge talent. These highly skilled professionals constantly hone their creative skills and research the best ways to approach new ideas, designs, and prototypes. 

5. Increase Access To Tech

As innovation agencies are at the forefront of the most cutting-edge technology, many have access to the latest technological developments. By working with a tech-savvy innovation agency, you’ll stay ahead of the competition with the latest software and tools that help you bring new ideas to life. 

6. Improve Turnaround Times

On the path to innovation, it isn’t uncommon to struggle with long turnaround times. Efficient innovation agencies help organizations accelerate turnaround times in their efforts to bring new ideas to the market promptly. 

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The Power of Innovation Strategy

Intentional innovation starts with a clear innovation strategy. Working with an innovation agency makes it easier than ever to design a powerful innovation strategy. The right innovation agency understands the implications that new ideas and designs have on their clients’ businesses. 

Innovation strategy consulting is an incredible way to navigate the challenges of innovation and make the most of this process. Consider the following ways in which innovation experts can completely transform your innovation strategy:

  1. Build Better Habits

An innovation agency helps brands zero in on their bad habits and transform the status quo. The key to innovation is adopting a new working method that allows for the most progressive and game-changing problem-solving. By instilling habits that reinforce this type of thinking, companies can design innovation strategies that change their organizational culture at its core.

  1. Get Advice from industry Insiders

A well-designed innovation strategy includes the input and experience of industry insiders. Partnering with an innovation agency gives you access to industry leaders that are experts in their field. By incorporating their expertise in your innovation strategy, you’ll benefit from outside inspiration to create a truly innovative experience. 

  1. Dedicate Your Time

While many organizations consider innovation important, most fail to dedicate enough time, energy, and resources to bring a new idea into the world. An innovation agency can work to refine your innovation strategy and help you hone in on the next phase. Working with an innovation expert allows you the dedicated time to pursue the best path forward in taking your ideas to the next level. 

  1. Maximize Sustainable Creativity 

Innovation experts know that there is no cap on creativity. Tap into this constant stream of fresh ideas by injecting your innovation strategy with the fresh perspective of expert consultants. An innovation agency can help you implement a systemic approach to innovation that guarantees a future of pure creative potential. 

Lead the charge toward long-term innovation with the help of an innovation agency. At Voltage Control, we help leaders discover their unique path to innovation for sustainable change! Contact us today to learn more about creating a culture of intentional innovation. 

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