Custom, facilitated project kickoffs for agencies & their clients

Let Voltage Control jumpstart the Discovery phase of your next project

Voltage Control is a trusted, third-party facilitator who can design and manage custom kick-off workshops for your agency’s projects.

Douglas shaking hands

Have you ever…

Started a project without the right information
about the challenges, opportunity or customer?

-Struggled to understand what your client truly 
wants and needs?

-Faced scope-creep because of lack of 
communication in the up-front phase?

We design custom workshops that work for your exact needs.

  • Agendas Build Just For Your Team
    We can plan 2–5 day workshops and everything in between to suit your goals.
  • Led by Our Expert Facilitators
    We’re pros at encouraging collaboration, conversation, and keeping your workshop moving in the right direction.
  • Exercises to Uncover the Info You Want
    We have many tricks up our sleeve including Design Sprint 
    methodologies, Canvas exercises, and interactive prototyping.

The benefits of our Rapid Discovery Workshops

  • Start with Alignment
    Get a crystal clear, agreed-upon understanding of your client’s needs and the opportunity in a few short days.
  • Offload the Details
    Let us sweat the not-so-small stuff: kickoff schedule and agenda, timing, keeping the workshop on-track and more.
  • Stay Focused
    Run your business rather than distracting your team with prepping, running and following up on the workshop.
  • Protect Your Relationship
    Workshops sometimes require a ‘bad cop’. Better this come from the outside, right?
Prudence, balance, challenge

A bit about how we work…

We believe in inclusive, empathetic, and human-centered design.

-Everyone is welcome: development, design, sales, marketing.

-Stakeholders are included and provide key guidance.

-Brainstorming doesn’t work, so we work differently.

-We set clear expectations and communication strategies.


“A Voltage Control workshop enables us to learn more about the project and submit a scope of work faster than we could have believed. Voltage Control facilitating frees us up to focus on the client and their project.” — Jim Scott, Design Innovation, RE/SPEC

“Voltage Control workshops free us up to collaborate with our clients to rapidly identify their most fertile opportunities and quickly build actionable roadmaps which help us define and de-risk initial engagements.” — VP of Sales & Marketing, KungFu.AI

“Our workshop included our top doctors and executives from around the country. We started with very different ideas on the direction we should take, but because of Voltage Control, we ended up completely aligned.” — H.O. Maycotte, CEO, Pilosa


Interested in working together?

We’re happy to offer a complimentary consultation to assess your needs.
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