Does your team need inspiration to try new ideas and approaches? Learn how hiring an innovation facilitator can help.

Innovation is the engine of new business. Without it there is no competition, there is no improvement, and there is no change. That’s because consumers enjoy seeing new inventions. They enjoy trying new things — especially products that improve their day-to-day lives — and discovering the bounds of what different industries can offer.

Hiring an innovation facilitator is one of the wisest things you can do.

Photo by 祝 鹤槐 from Pexels
Photo by 祝 鹤槐 from Pexels

That’s why hiring an innovation facilitator is one of the wisest things you can do. Companies should embrace innovation as a part of their core ideals; it’s about fostering a culture that drives ground-breaking ideas and pursuing new challenges.

An innovation facilitator can help you stay competitive in your market by looking to what’s next. They’re an investment in the future and a way to get an edge against your competition. So, what exactly can you expect from an innovation facilitator?

An Innovation Facilitator Will See Your Company For What It Is

Managers usually think they know what’s best for their companies. It’s only natural since they’re trained to lead and have a vision. They’re supposed to fall in love with what the organization represents and the products it makes.

But, that corporate idealism can actually hurt managers’ business decisions. Their bias can cause them to be blind to shortcomings in the company. Hiring an innovation facilitator can help reduce any bias managers may have. Innovation facilitators approach the company from a completely objective and unbiased viewpoint. By hiring one, you get the advantage of analyzing your company in a way you couldn’t before.

Innovation facilitators approach companies from an objective and unbiased viewpoint.
Innovation facilitators approach companies from an objective and unbiased viewpoint.

Innovation facilitators may recommend changes that weren’t considered before. For example, they may recommend rearranging how teams are structured or how key meetings take place. Coming with a fresh perspective, an innovation facilitator can see issues and blockers in a company that the internal team might miss.

Innovation Facilitators Plan For the Future

Markets, as well as entire industries, are constantly changing. Companies need to be at the forefront of this change if they want to stay ahead of their competition. To do that, they should consider hiring an innovation facilitator.

Innovation facilitators draw on expertise from many industries.
Innovation facilitators draw on expertise from many industries.

Since innovation facilitators work with many different companies, they have many different kinds of experiences. They can draw on these experiences to predict how industries may shift in the near future. They can also make recommendations to help the company change along with consumer trends. For example, they may recommend an auto repair company build a social media presence if it doesn’t already have one. This kind of recommendation would come from experience in other industries, where social media presence is important to survive.

Just By Hiring One, You’re Changing Your Company Culture

The most important part of any company is its culture. The way employees and managers interact needs to be conducive to a healthy work ethic. It also needs to be accepting of new ideas, from anyone at any rank.

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By investing in an innovation facilitator, you’re sending the message that you care about these kinds of things. By showing you’re willing to invest in innovation consulting, you’re saying you want people to feel comfortable thinking outside of the box.

The next steps would be following the recommendations the innovation facilitator may make. For example, innovation facilitators may identify an issue with how power is distributed in the company. They may notice that employees aren’t voicing new ideas out of fear. To address this, they may recommend managers adopt a new power structure and give employees a space to share their thoughts.

Managers should listen to recommendations like these because there are consequences for not following them. By not following the recommendations of a trained professional, you send the signal that you don’t care about the culture. It can demoralize employees since it shows you may not trust them.

Innovation facilitators can facilitate success.
Innovation facilitators can facilitate success.

Facilitators Are Trained — They Know What They’re Doing

It can be hard to let somebody into your company just to change it. It can feel risky and you may be afraid that after the facilitator leaves, it will be too hard to implement their suggestions.

Innovation is a messy, confusing process. If you’re used to working neatly with everything staying the same, you may be intimidated. It’s only natural to resist the things you may not fully understand.

Know that by hiring an innovation facilitator you are taking a crucial first step in addressing and fixing a problem.

Innovation Facilitators Do More Than Innovate — They Facilitate Success

Hiring an innovation facilitator gives you an edge against your competition and sets you up for success. Innovation facilitators can adapt to any industry and bring value. They address problems most people may not see and leave companies working better than ever before. When they’re done, the company isn’t just a workplace — it’s a cradle for new inventions, products, and ideas.

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