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Next Cohort Deadline June 22nd Apply Today
Next Cohort Deadline June 22nd Apply Today


Facilitation Lab Community Hub

Platform Preview

This is your go-to space for meaningful engagement, continuous learning, and professional development in the field of facilitation. It's a curated community on the Circle platform designed to support facilitators at all experience levels.

Membership is free and provides access to a network of peers, as well as curated prompts and tools to enhance your facilitation skills. For those who want to go deeper, we offer a paid plan with additional benefits (complimentary for Voltage Control Certification Alumni).

Membership Levels

Basic Membership

We believe that a community is only as strong as its members. That’s why we’re selective about who joins our hub. Our application process ensures that you’re surrounded by like-minded learners who are as committed to growth and facilitation excellence as you are. So, when you’re here, you’re in good company.

Dynamic Networking

Engage in meaningful conversations, share invaluable insights, and collaborate on projects with a diverse community of facilitators and industry experts.

Resource Library

Instantly access a rich library of templates, guides, tools, materials, and supplies that will elevate your facilitation game. Plus, contribute your own resources and learn from others in the community without worrying about Slack deleting old messages!

Peer Learning

Pose questions and seek wisdom within a nurturing network of peers and seasoned facilitators.

Practice Space

A low-stakes, non-judgmental environment where you can try out new techniques, refine your skills, and stretch your facilitative boundaries. Whether you're a novice looking to get your feet wet or a seasoned facilitator aiming to polish specific aspects of your craft, this is your playground for professional development.

Regional Events & Meetups

Be the first to know about in-person and virtual workshops and meetups hosted by Voltage Control Instructors and Regional Leads. Plus, explore a curated list of events from the entire spectrum of facilitation practitioners. Submit your own events. It's your all-in-one calendar for everything facilitation.

Workshop Design Sandbox

Weekly prompts to challenge your Workshop Design skills. All contributions are public, searchable, and serve as a learning archive for the entire community.

Membership Levels

Pro Membership

Annual pro membership is for Voltage Control Certification alumni to assist in their continued growth and development as faciliators. It’s also available to our active community volunteers such as Regional Leads, Newcomer Guides, Knowlege Curators, and Community Catalysts. Pro includes discounts from Voltage Control plus additional learning opportunities, jobs, gigs, and other partner perks and discounts.

Jobs & Gigs

Browse curated high quality jobs and projects, receive personalized job and project alerts, and individualized introductions to hiring managers & clients.

Premium Video Library

Access self-paced micro learning videos for bite-sized actionable facilitation wisdom and all pro event recordings.

Mentor Office Hours

Live group sessions with Voltage Control Instructors to deep-dive into your most pressing challenges, be it methods, technology, conflict, or sales & marketing.

Voltage Control Discounts

Unlock discounts to our flagship offerings and continue to grow and deepen your connections across our community.

Partner Perks

Enjoy exclusive discounts and special offers from our partners like SessionLab, Butter, Miro, Mural, Time Timer, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! Our community is inclusive and open to anyone interested in facilitation mastery, innovation, and play. While many of our members are Voltage Control students and alumni, we warmly welcome individuals from all walks of life who are eager to learn, share, and grow in these areas.

We welcome newcomers and seasoned experts, the more diverse the community the better for all of us. As long as you care deeply about facilitation and are intent on improving your crafting and helping elevate the facilitation ecosystem, you are welcome!  

Our community thrives on active, dynamic interaction, far beyond the passive exchange of comments and links. It’s a vibrant hub where peers collaboratively share practical content, engage in meaningful discussions, and spontaneously meet to collaborate. The essence of our community is about challenging each other to grow, providing support, and fostering a space for continuous learning and innovation.

Participating in our community means embracing its self-organizing nature. By pitching in – whether it’s sharing insights, initiating discussions, or collaborating on projects – every member plays a crucial role in shaping our community’s growth and direction. It’s a collective effort where your involvement not only benefits you but also enriches the entire community.

While Slack is fantastic for real-time conversations, our new community on Circle offers a more structured and lasting environment for collaboration and learning. Here’s how they differ:

  • Message Longevity: Unlike Slack, where messages disappear after 90 days, your contributions on Circle are here to stay. This makes it easier to revisit valuable insights and discussions.
  • Event Management: Circle allows you to RSVP to events directly within the platform, streamlining your planning and participation.
    Content Organization: With Circle, you can filter, sort, and link to past content with ease. This makes it simpler to find the resources and conversations that matter to you.
  • Member Discovery: Get to know your community better! Circle provides detailed profiles, helping you connect and collaborate with members who share your interests or expertise.
  • Resource Accessibility: Unlike Slack, Circle offers a dedicated space for resources that can be directly downloaded, making it a one-stop-shop for all your community needs.
  • Community Building: Circle is designed to foster deeper connections and more meaningful interactions, making it easier to facilitate team cohesion, culture transformation, and communities of practice.

    So, whether you’re looking to engage in thoughtful discussions, find resources, or connect with like-minded individuals, Circle offers a more robust and lasting solution.
Thursday Facilitation Labs will continue on their regular cadence. We will now refer to this series as Facilitation Lab HQ, to differentiate these virtual meetups from the regional events that are starting. We’re creating more space than ever to deepen your relationship with facilitation.

Facilitation Lab meetups are live opportunities to connect, learn, and practice with each other. These meetups will happen virtually and in person across various global regions. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to engage with community members in person as well as virtually  based on what works best for you

Regional leads are volunteers who host Facilitation Labs in their local communities and/or virtually in their preferred time zones. Each region is named after the nearest metro, for example, Facilitation Lab Denver, Facilitation Lab Austin, Facilitation Lab LA, Facilitation Lab Seattle, and Facilitation Lab Nairobi. If you are interested in being a regional lead, let us know!

Yes! We believe it is important to have co-leads and volunteers for each region. Having a co-lead and volunteers makes it easier on the lead because they have further support, and, if someone departs, there’s still someone there, while we backfill the next co-lead.

We do not have a public set of criteria or rubrics. The purpose of the application process is to ensure that all members are serious enough about joining to take the time to apply. Unlike LinkedIn or other social platforms where you might join 100 groups a day, we want to make sure that you are making a commitment. Also, the application process ensures that all profiles in the community are complete ensuring that you can more easily locate potential collaborators.

Your application information will be used to pre-populate your hub profile information. This helps ensure that all profiles are complete,  helping make it easier to identify potential collaborators and mentors. You can modify your profile at any time, just go to Account > Edit Profile and type over any field/s you wish to edit. Remember to “Save”!

We curate the jobs from various searches across the web and direct relationships with have with hiring managers. Because we focus on the core facilitation skills, the job and gigs will cover many titles and industries. Did the community help you get a job or a gig? Let us know. We’d love to celebrate with you.

15-minute jam sessions are impromptu sessions initiated and scheduled by community members to gather multiple members to swarm on an idea or challenge quickly. 

Among our founding members are volunteers available to meet with you 1:1 or in small groups to answer questions, do walkthroughs, and provide coaching on successful participation. Get in touch by emailing

Austin CTO Summit 2018 Recap

Events & Meetups


Be the first to know about exclusive Voltage Control events. Plus, explore a curated list of events led by Facilitation Lab Regional Leads and other facilitation experts. It’s your all-in-one calendar for everything facilitation.

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Dynamic Networking


Engage in meaningful conversations, share invaluable insights, and collaborate on projects with a diverse community of facilitators and industry experts.

Resource Library


Say goodbye to email gateways. Instantly access a rich library of templates, guides, and tools that will elevate your facilitation game. Plus, contribute your own resources and learn from others in the community.