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About Facilitation Practice

Join our community facilitation practice to build your skills and connect with fellow facilitators. Try out a new method for the first time, explore virtual facilitation and how to build a facilitation toolbelt for online.


Every Thursday


1-2:30pm CST



What to Expect

Control The Room is a weekly virtual community gathering focused on helping facilitators hone their craft to help improve the quality of meetings. It was originally named ‘Austin Design Sprint’ based on our Design Sprint method, which exposed us to new ways of meeting. In addition to supporting GV Design Sprint enthusiasts, we present and share many different methodologies, including Liberating Structures, Game Storming, Thinking Wrong, MG Taylor, Improv, and much more.

Each week we rotate between highlighting practitioners sharing case studies with tips and tricks, facilitation practice where you can get hands-on experience with tools for better meetings, and deep dive skill-building workshops.

We’re honored to be part of the Google Global Sprint Chapter program that aims to build and foster a Design Sprint community by providing awareness, resources, and connecting people.

How You'll Learn

When you participate in facilitation practice, you will acquire pro-level facilitation skills and tools, learn best practices for virtual and in-person facilitation, and effective structures and methods to apply to your own facilitation. You will also have the unique opportunity to network with and learn from fellow facilitators. Come learn the art of facilitation and how to make it your own.

What You'll Learn

We’re on a mission to rid the world of horrible meetings. Therefore, we need a world of expert facilitators to change the meeting culture. We need you. Join our community of facilitators and we’ll teach you what you need to know to be a pro-level facilitator, from how to utilize Liberating Structures to the best virtual tools to use for optimum remote work collaboration. Let’s not just have better meetings, let’s have magical ones!

Wait, what's facilitation?

Whether you know it or not, you are probably a facilitator. The act of facilitating is to make an operation or process easier. Facilitation skills are crucial to exercise when planning and running meetings to make them as participative and productive as possible. It’s imperative to company profit and culture to conduct successful meetings. Perfecting the art of facilitation is one of the most important and beneficial skill sets that make a successful leader.

A skilled facilitator can supercharge a team’s performance by functioning as a process guide for navigating complicated business challenges. Facilitators are experts at leading groups through key meetings and gatherings. Facilitators exist to enable better gatherings between teams, stakeholders, or collaborators of any kind.

What People are Saying

"I expected a lecture on facilitation–was really happy to find something so different.”

Terry C.


"One of the best things about the VoltageControl.com community is that they setup a virtual learning space that covers every aspect of Edgar Dale’s classic cone of learning. They encompass the principles of adult learning without ever talking about it ... they just do it."

Ron K.

digital change consultant

About Douglas

Douglas Ferguson is an entrepreneur and human-centered technologist with over 20 years of experience. He is president of Voltage Control, an Austin-based innovation workshop agency that specializes in in-person and virtual Design Sprints and Innovation Workshops. He is also the author of three books: Beyond the Prototype, How to Remix Anything (co-authored), and Start Within (co-authored).

“I’m passionate about giving people the resources they need to do their best work. The world needs compassionate, creative, and innovative thinkers to make real change. This change starts with meetings, and we need expert facilitators to make them magical. Come be part of the movement to transform meeting culture, and thus the world. Let’s do meaningful work together.”

About Kierra

Kierra Johnson has developed a passion for community and bringing people together for as long as she can remember. A part of the community relations and customer service industry for over 5 years, she continues to implement this service as our Community Manager. With a background in the events industry and retail space with Kendra Scott and Marquee Events, Kierra has a passion for building long-lasting relationships with clients in their communities and companies. She graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelors in Communications and Public Relations. Kierra was born and raised in Louisiana and considers herself a true southern girl with an unwavering positive spirit. She loves assisting with the weekly community gatherings because she loves building community through facilitation and networking with people of so many industries and backgrounds.


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