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Next Cohort Deadline June 22nd Apply Today
Next Cohort Deadline June 22nd Apply Today

Design Sprint Template

for Mural & Miro

Design Sprint Template

The 2-Canvas System

Having run Design Sprints with many clients, we at Voltage Control iterated to identify the best way to run remote Design Sprints. Moving in between individual Murals for each corresponding activity became an ongoing distraction for both Facilitators and Participants. We have a new approach that we are excited to share with you. Watch the video before heading over the Mural template to try it yourself.

Design Sprint Template

Getting Started

There are three 'rooms' associated with the approach. Each is essentially a large scale Mural that you can work from. Leveraging these templates gives you dedicated spaces to pull pre-made activities from, facilitate with participants, and organize post-activity artifacts. Each serves a distinct purpose, allowing you to accelerate facilitation and synthesis. If you are looking for some pro-tips on how to facilitate the individual modules, take a look at the content below.

Design Sprint Template

Design Sprint Room

A place where your sprint team will do their work. You'll drop in supplies as they need them.

Design Sprint Template

Design Sprint Supplies

Contains all the tools and instructions for all 5 days of Design Sprint.

Design Sprint Template

Our Tips


Start with a general problem statement that contains some constraints. Avoid Buzzwords.


This exercise takes about 60 minutes. Multi-disciplinary teams deliver on this best because their views tend to be more divergent.


Start with a general problem statement that contains some constraints. Avoid Buzzwords. Pick the wildest-sounding prompts to get the best results.


Don’t be discouraged if your idea isn’t chosen. You want to get a group of people thinking differently and aligning around a new approach or definition.

The Books

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Innovation can seem complex or reserved for the exceptional. But we believe innovation is for everyone. We’ve set out to illuminate a path for you to generate bold ideas, visualize and share them, overcome obstacles, and turn them into reality. Our books are equal parts guidebook and stories from years of experience helping companies adopt an innovation mindset and culture. They’re practical & actionable, so you can get started now. We hope they’ll help you on your journey to realizing your biggest, boldest ideas.