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Facilitation Lab Denver

Facilitating Joy and Conflict

With Eli Wood

April 3, 2024
6pm - 8:30pm MT​
Live Online
Get ready to dive into the world of Joy with a special guest Bahaa Chmait from JOYMOB. They craft unforgettable experiences that bring people together from festivals, to train rides. Their tribe works to connect audiences to brands, colleagues to each other, and guests to lasting memories.

Bahaa will give a short talk and lead us through an activity grounded in joy. After that we’ll reflect on it in small group discussions using breakout rooms.

Then, we’ll discuss the topic of conflict through an interactive exercise and compare methods of facilitating Joy and Conflict to go deeper into how facilitation shows up in these spaces.

Our goal is that you’ll have the opportunity to meet and learn from diverse professionals also passionate about these topics.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in workshops and facilitation; this event will provide valuable insights and opportunities for growth in leading collaborative sessions.

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April 3, 2024
6pm - 8:30pm MT​
Live Online

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About Facilitation Lab Denver

Facilitation Lab Denver is a monthly in-person meetup focused on helping facilitators & collaborative leaders connect with peers in a supportive and inspiring facilitation playground. We gather to experience and explore all aspects of facilitation, including Liberating Structures, Game Storming, Thinking Wrong, MG Taylor, Improv, and much more.

At each meeting, we rotate topics and approaches, from highlighting practitioners sharing tips and tricks to open facilitation practice where you get hands-on with new tools and concepts.

In addition to Facilitation Lab Denver hosted by Eli. Voltage Control hosts Faciliation Lab HQ, and there are other meetups around the globe hosted by Facilitation Lab regional leads. See the region map for a complete list of all active meetups.

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Conversations and Lightning Networking
Start the evening with a warm welcome, and engaging conversations.
Guest Facilitator Session
Experience the lead facilitator, Bahaa Chmait from JOYMOB, with an activity & method to engage together as a community.
Community Debrief
Reflective session on the evening’s activities and new connections we’ve made together.
Late Night Lab
The prompt for the discussion will be; “How can we incorporate the ideas of joy into our work?”

Who Should Attend

Experienced & New Facilitators
Who want to level up their facilitation skills and enhance their facilitation tool belt
Chiefs of Staff
Who want to align and support initiatives across departments
Product & Project Managers
Who want to steer stakeholders to the best outcomes
Teachers & Trainers
Who want to design the most impactful learning

Key Takeaways

Discover how Joy and Conflict relate to facilitation work
Learn how to identify aspects of Joy in your work
Get a peek into flash mob organizing
Practice a facilitation skill in remote settings

Featured Facilitators

Eli Wood
Based in Denver, Colorado, Eli loves facilitating Design Sprints and other creative workshops with Voltage Control. Eli has facilitated Design Sprints for Adobe, Humana, The City of Austin, and Fidelity Investments.

He has also delivered rapid prototyping, strategic design, and development projects for LAX, Mastercard, Cisco, CBRE. When not making things, he enjoys spending time in nature.

What People are Saying

"In a world where we tend to connect digitally, it's so important to still come together, especially in a shared community where we're learning from each other and we're also affirming each other. So, coming here is worth the travel. It's worth being in the presence of others. You can't replicate that in a digital forum."

Susan Wilson-Golab
Bloomfield Hills Schools

"I always enjoy the opportunity to network with other facilitators in the Facilitation Lab. I've gained so much knowledge from other attendees' insights & experiences each and every week in our community."

Facilitation Lab Attendee
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Please note that photographs, video & audio recordings will be taken throughout this event. These will be used by Voltage Control for marketing and publicity in our publications, on our website and in social media, or in any third party publication. Please contact our events manager if you have any concerns or if you wish to be exempted from this activity.