Facilitation Lab HQ

Futures Literacy Laboratories

February 29, 2024
1pm - 3pm CT​
Live Online
Think outside of the box, discover new perspectives, generate innovation to remain successful in an ever-changing environment. These are challenges that many organizations face. Futures Literacy Laboratories are a new method that helps you address them.

The future does not exist and we cannot know for sure what will happen. But we can use the information contained in our images of the future to navigate the present. Even more: we can experiment with different images of different futures to see and create novelty in the here and now. How is this possible? By going through the different phases of a Futures Literacy Laboratory, a method that is rooted in the Theory of Anticipation and in the Theory of Complexity.

During this virtual meetup you will get a sense of how the method works by experiencing elements of this collective intelligence knowledge creation approach. As an example, you will visit probable and desirable futures of work and look at your assumptions that generated them. And you will get an idea about how alternative futures can take you and your colleagues outside those boxes in a meaningful way. Also, you will hear a bit about the origin of the method, the theoretical basis, its application in organizational practice, and the underlying competence called “Futures Literacy”.

This interactive session will be led by Martina Oettl and Stefan Bergheim from FUON Futures based in Vienna, Austria, and Frankfurt, Germany.
February 29, 2024
1pm - 3pm CT​
Live Online

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About Facilitation Lab HQ

Facilitation Lab HQ is a virtual meetup focused on helping facilitators & collaborative leaders connect with peers in a supportive and inspiring facilitation playground.

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At each meeting, we rotate topics and approaches, from highlighting practitioners sharing tips and tricks to open facilitation practice where you get hands-on with new tools and concepts.

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Impromptu Networking
Engage with everyone in the community during a quick round of introductions to network and begin our time together
Guest Facilitator Session
Experience the lead facilitator's activity & method to engage together as a community.
Rose, Thorn, Bud Critique
Share your feedback as a community and offer expressions of tangible takeaways to our lead facilitator.
After Hours
Stay awhile & chat post-session about your experience in the Lab.

Who Should Attend

Experienced & New Facilitators
Who want to level up their facilitation skills and enhance their facilitation tool belt
Chiefs of Staff
Who want to align and support initiatives across departments
Product & Project Managers
Who want to steer stakeholders to the best outcomes
Teachers & Trainers
Who want to design the most impactful learning

Key Takeaways

Discover what withholds are getting in the way of your life, career, and intimacy
Learn how to transform a Raw Withhold into a Skilled Withhold
Get a peek into the most advanced conscious communication skills training available
Practice a facilitation skill to have a room of crickets speak up

Featured Facilitators

Chris Federer
Chris has helped design and facilitate Unconferences, Design Sprints, Team Alignment, Kickoffs, Business Strategy, and Collaboration Training for companies such as Dell, Alliant Insurance, Snap, and FAI just to name a few. His previous roles include Design Sprint Facilitator, Community Builder, UX Designer, Program Director, and Event Director.

Martina Oettl
Martina Oettl has a decade of experience working in Collaboration Design and Facilitation for problem-solving and innovation purposes. She has organized and accompanied co-creative knowledge processes for the private industry as well as the public transport sector in Australia and the aerospace industry in France. Martina draws from a broad range of methods, reaching from Futures Literacy Laboratory, MG Taylor, Design Thinking to Theory U. Since 2020 she is teaching the method Futures Literacy Laboratory.
Dr. Stefan Bergheim
Dr. Stefan Bergheim has been working in the futures field for almost 30 years. Trained as an economist, he initially created forecasts for international banks. Then he focused on participatory visioning processes about quality of life. Since 2015 he helps promote Futures Literacy by contributing to the 2018 UNESCO book “Transforming the Future” in several roles, by publishing his own book “Futures – Open to Variety” in 2021 and by facilitating multiple Futures Literacy processes and trainings.

What People are Saying

“I will be more intentional about anchoring around purpose before any event I host thanks to my experience in the Facilitation Lab. I loved the realization behind letting participants know we will be more effective if we are fully present."

Facilitation Lab Attendee

"I always enjoy the opportunity to network with other facilitators in the Facilitation Lab. I've gained so much knowledge from other attendees' insights & experiences each and every week in our community."

Facilitation Lab Attendee
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