Facilitation Lab: Susan Pelczynski

Digital Trace Paper: Envisioning the Future of Space

Facilitation Lab is a weekly virtual meetup focused on helping facilitators hone their craft to help improve the quality of meetings.

Each week we rotate between highlighting facilitators sharing activities with tips and tricks, facilitation practice where you can get hands-on with tools for better meetings, and deep-dive skill-building workshops.

We’re honored to be part of the Google Global Sprint Chapter program that aims to build and foster a Design Sprint community by providing awareness, resources, and connecting people.


September 30, 2021


9am - 11am CT​


Live Online

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What to expect

What to Expect

We offer opportunities for facilitators to gather in a safe judgement-free zone to learn from experts and one another. Our community offers many levels of engagement and exclusive resources for facilitators, whether you are a beginner or a Master Facilitator. Our weekly Facilitation Lab makes up 5 key segments: impromptu networking, our guest facilitator session activity, community critique, a weekly giveaway, & After Hours. Come & network with facilitators from around the globe and expand your facilitator toolbelt from each Lab experience!

What You'll Learn

Attendees will be invited to the Mural Platform as a visitor, so no special capabilities are required. For facilitators, design thinkers, interior architectural designers for commercial real estate, this will demonstrate how to set up your own digital trace paper session with your client, MEP or other vendor partners to have a real-time conversation about workplace or project renovations and sketch ideas and solutions. This approach provides the ability for team members to attend virtually from multiple time zones and not have to be in-person for these conversations. In this interactive session, you'll be empowered participants to ask questions during the process and see how to set up a Mural facilitation session.

How You'll Learn

The workshop will be activity-based with facilitation simulations and collaborative sessions. You’ll recognize, practice, and design your workshops based on key learning experience design principles. We won’t just talk at you — you’ll learn through doing, work with other participants, and get feedback. There will be plenty of time for Q&A, so you can learn in real-time from a master facilitator with tons of experience running hundreds of workshops at some of the world’s largest institutions and enterprises.


Impromptu Networking

Engage with everyone in the community during a quick round of introductions to network and begin our time together

Full Networking Session

Experience the opportunity to connect with other facilitators in the room to discuss key topics in facilitation and gain advice

Rose, Thorn, Bud Critique

Share your feedback as a community and offer expressions of your experience along with takeaways from our networking session.

After Hours

Stay awhile & chat post-session about your experience in the Lab.

Who Should Attend

Team Managers & Leads

who want to learn more & benefit from the power of facilitation practice

UX Designers

who want to expand their facilitation skillset while gaining inspiration of new approaches

Experienced & New Facilitators

who want to level up their facilitation skills and enhance their facilitation tool belt


who want to gain feedback & uncover new resources with forward-thinking activities

Key Takeaways

Utilize Mural for inclusive conversations around re-imagining office space

Exporting your sketches to share with external partners

Sketching in Mural in real-time to convey proposed ideas

Inserting of floorplans and creating digital trace paper

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Kierra Johnson

Kierra Johnson is the Community Manager at Voltage Control and host of our weekly meet up sessions in the Facilitation Lab. She has developed a passion for community and bringing people together for as long as she can remember. A part of the community relations and customer service industry for over 5 years, she continues to implement this service expanding our network of facilitators through our Control the Room community. With the development of a true passion for people, she strives in building long-lasting relationships with clients in their communities and organizations. Building community through the Facilitation Lab, while networking with people of many industries and backgrounds inspires her to stretch the community to new heights each week in the Lab.

Susan Pelczynski

Susan Pelczynski is Principal and Founder of Zynsights Consulting and works at the intersection of business, strategy, futures ideation and conceptual visualization. With more than 30 years of experience in Managing Principal and creative roles in the commercial real estate and interior architecture space, Susan is regarded as a Design Thinking, Workplace Subject Matter Expert by industry associations. She has been invited to speak or plan virtual events/Hackathons for notable groups including CoreNet Global, IFMA, Workplace Evolutionaries, Change Management Institute, and associated national podcast professional organizations like IOffice and The Trends Report. Having led a Futures Group researching Virtual Reality, Net Zero, Well-being, Internet of things/blockchain promoting innovation and new initiatives, Susan is passionate about new technologies, convening leaders co-learning, gamification of enterprise knowledge, and co-creating solutions climate and other global challenges.
What People Are Saying

"I always enjoy the opportunity to network with other facilitators in the Facilitation Lab. I've gained so much knowledge from other attendees' insights & experiences each and every week in our community."


Facilitation Lab Attendee

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Photo Disclaimer

Please note that photographs, video & audio recordings will be taken throughout this event. These will be used by Voltage Control for marketing and publicity in our publications, on our website and in social media, or in any third-party publication. Please contact us via email if you have any concerns or if you wish to be exempted from this activity.​

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