Why You Haven’t Taken Action on Your Creative Idea & What to Do About It

Control the Room Ambassador: Paula Rosecky

How long have you been thinking about that creative idea you have? A few months? A few years? Decades, perhaps? Don’t worry. It’s ok. We all have ideas that don’t see the light of day because we want to stay safe. We’re afraid to put ourselves out there. We tell ourselves we don’t have the time, the money, the support…..fill in the blank. Creativity comes from a part of our brains that is wise and knowing. Each idea is unique. No one else has your idea the way you have it!. But, we often hold ourselves back from allowing ourselves to make our ideas happen.


November 30, 2021


4pm - 5pm CT​


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What to expect

The Ambassador Event Experience

We're excited to launch Control The Room Ambassador events, hosted by our one-of-a-kind ambassadors each month, to continue the conversation to the future of facilitation. In these events, you'll have an experience like no other to ideate together with other networks and communities apart of the Facilitation Lab and beyond. These sessions will be hosted each month by our diverse group of ambassadors from the Facilitation Lab, so stay tuned for more events to mark your calendars.

Key Moments

Join us to learn more about why you’re holding yourself back and what you can do about it. Unearth a creative idea you’re holding on to or get help to come up with one small step to get you moving again. 2022 is around the corner. Perhaps this is the year you make that amazing idea happen!

How You'll Learn

This event will be activity-based to open the conversation about ideas. You’ll recognize, practice, and learn from other facilitators in the room with Paula at the helm. She won’t just talk at you — you’ll learn through ideating together, work with other participants, and gather feedback. This is an interactive experience to reflect with one another and gain inspiration to build on our own creative ideas looking to 2022.



Jumpstart the conversation


Dive into the conservation focus


Be open to communication with other facilitators in the room


Come together to ideate & grow from the experience

Who Should Attend


Looking to open the conversation


Ideating outside the box to explore


Sharpen your energy & intention


Leaning in to brainstorm across a range of goals & ideas

Key Takeaways

Reflect & Identify the goals you aim for in your life

Create tangible steps to actualize your ideas and goals

Have some fun looking to 2022

Come with an open mind & heart

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Paula Rosecky

Paula Rosecky is a certified life coach specializing in cross-cultural issues and life coaching. She is certified through The Life Coach School and has over 20 years of experience in research and human behavioral science. Paula inspires individuals to feel valued in their work & personal lives.
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"I will be more intentional in the facilitation experiences that I lead."


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