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At Voltage Control we are Liberating Structures enthusiasts. Why? If you have to ask, we have a series of Murals for you. In all seriousness, there are many frameworks that allow facilitators to deliver participatory decision-making. We feel strongly that Liberating Structures has an approach to address almost any challenge you may have to overcome. We created Murals for the activities we use most often and hope you enjoy using them as much as we do.

Start with the 'What'

The best advice we can offer up is to begin with the goal/the mission/the problem you are looking to solve. Liberating Structures activities tend to follow a pattern of individual work, small group collaboration, and larger group sharing. Clustering and Voting are staples, but keep in mind that each of the Murals below targets a specific need–choose carefully and iterate at speed.

Purpose to Practice 

Description of specific mural


Description of specific mural

What I Need From You 

Description of specific mural

10x10 Writing

Description of specific mural

What, So What, Now What 

Description of specific mural

Generative Relationships Star

Description of specific mural

Critical Uncertainties 

Description of specific mural

Agreement and Certainty Matrix

Description of specific mural


Description of specific mural


Description of specific mural

Beyond the Prototype


Bring Your Ideas to Life 

Innovation can seem complex or reserved for the exceptional. But we believe innovation is for everyone. We’ve set out to illuminate a path for you to: generate bold ideas, visualize and share them, overcome obstacles, and turn your idea into reality. Our books are equal parts guidebook and stories from years of experience helping companies adopt an innovation mindset and culture. They’re practical & actionable, so you can get started now. We hope they’ll help you on your journey to realizing your biggest, boldest ideas.


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