Magical Meetings Templates

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Magical Meetings Templates

A Template for Before, During and After your Meeting

What if having an agenda has no effect on whether you have a great meeting? What happens when you actually do the work in the meeting? What are the five common elements of every meeting that sucks, and how do you avoid them? These companion templates for the book Magical Meetings can help you answer these questions and many more.

Magical Meetings Templates

What Meeting are We Having?

It's important to be clear as to why we are having the meeting and what type of meeting. This allows us to rename our meetings and consider the value they bring. Use this template to explore your meetings with your team.

Magical Meetings Templates

Take 5

Unleash the power of prototypes. Use this template when you want to collect diverse ideas from the entire room. Within 5 minutes everyone will be ready to share from a more intentional perspective using visuals.

Magical Meetings Templates

Meeting Culture Redesign

Meetings don't exist in a vacuum. Companies have a meeting culture that intrinsically governs how meetings work inside the organization. Use this template to take an intentional look at your meeting systems and how you can redesign them.

Magical Meetings Templates

Story Spine

After your meeting, you need to share a narrative for others to understand the meeting’s effectiveness and outcomes. Use this template as a starting point for sharing your magical meeting’s purpose, outcomes and next steps.

Magical Meetings

Reinvent How Your Team Works Together

By Douglas Ferguson & John Fitch

In this guide, we tackle the myth that the most effective way to get more out of meetings is to just avoid having them or to have less of them. But meetings are integral to getting sh*t done. Meetings are the secret underappreciated weapon that businesses are using badly. And why do they use them so badly? Because no one has been taught how to make them better.

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