Never one-size-fits-all

Let’s talk about the right approach for your big problem.


Let's talk about the right approach for your big problem.

Design Sprints

Developed first at Google Ventures, the Design Sprint is a tried-and-true method for answering your most important business challenges. Let our expert facilitators lead you through the process. You’ll be amazed at what you can do in five days.

Innovation Workshops

We design and facilitate innovation workshops of any length. Nothing cookie-cutter here. We’ll create an agenda and custom set of activities to get you the outcomes you want.

Virtual Facilitation

Remote work can be challenging and clumsy. When the stakes are high, a skilled virtual facilitator will ensure a focused, productive and seamless meeting.

Facilitated Sessions

Powerful sessions focused on co-creation, product process development, participatory decision making, creativity and more.

Virtual Transitions

Build a plan & meeting culture for your organization when transitioning from in-person to virtual work.

Virtual Meeting Design

Designing a virtual meeting can be quiet different from a face-to-face. We can teach you the methods & tools to transform your virtual meetings with one-on-one coaching. You'll learn:

  • + How to stay productive and limit disruption.
  • + Best practices for virtual collaboration
  • + Virtual meeting experience design.
  • + How to capture virtual room intelligence.

Liberated Conferences

Energize your next big meeting through interactive lectures on topics like Design Thinking, Prototyping, Design Sprints, or User research.


Speaking engagements by Voltage Control president Douglas Ferguson

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Innovation Training

We teach you the tools to work better, together. Through our workshops, teams learn how to successfully apply the best of today’s innovation methodologies and facilitation techniques to any business challenge.

Beyond the Prototype


Beyond the Prototype 

A roadmap for navigating the fuzzy area between ideas and outcomes

By Douglas Ferguson

Have you ever struggled to move a key innovation project forward at work? Based on his experiences running Design Sprints for top companies, Douglas Ferguson wrote Beyond the Prototype to offer practical advice for people shifting from discovery to realization. Full of stories from companies like Google, Liberty Mutual, and Adobe, this guide outlines six steps that every team should take to launch their vision. 


Voltage Control is an

innovation workshop agency

Voltage Control was founded by Douglas Ferguson, an entrepreneur and technologist with over 20 years of experience. With his unique combination of expertise in technology, product strategy, and design thinking, Voltage Control offers trusted guidance to companies who want to jumpstart their product or project with an impactful innovation workshop. Austin-based Voltage Control designs and leads custom innovation workshops and Design Sprints, as developed by Google Ventures. 

In addition to workshop facilitation, Voltage Control engages with organizations for Digital Transformation, Innovation Training, Corporate Summits, and Strategic Planning. Douglas is also the author of Beyond the Prototype, a new book that offers a six-step plan for companies struggling with the shift from discovery to launch. 


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