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Next Cohort Deadline June 22nd Apply Today

Team CliftonStrengths Library Template

for Mural & Miro

Team CliftonStrengths Library Template

The Talent Tightrope

Each member of a team has different strengths and weaknesses. When we work together we can bring out the best in each other, learning while delivering. In order for team members to have the highest potential impact we need to know their weaknesses as well as their strengths. Clifton is a service that provides skills assessment–they do this better than anyone today. We propose leveraging their service along with our Mural Template in order to drive better outcomes from your team.

Team CliftonStrengths Library Template

Identification is the first step

Aggregation of skills alone wouldn't deliver value. Taking a hard look at blindspots allows the individuals on your team the ability to propel their careers forward. Reflection isn't easy, but the act of doing so allows participants to better target the collective team goals.

Team CliftonStrengths Library Template

Our Tips


A method by which teams can ensure that people are working against the right challenges and toward lasting career development.


Each team member has to arrive at the activity with a completed Clifton assessment.



Bear in mind that this activity isn’t a formula, rather a recipe to follow. Allow the activity, and how individuals respond to their ratings, guide next steps.


Self-bias may rear its ugly head so we would advise you to have a pre-activity discussion to ensure the initial assessment is correct.

The Books

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Innovation can seem complex or reserved for the exceptional. But we believe innovation is for everyone. We’ve set out to illuminate a path for you to generate bold ideas, visualize and share them, overcome obstacles, and turn them into reality. Our books are equal parts guidebook and stories from years of experience helping companies adopt an innovation mindset and culture. They’re practical & actionable, so you can get started now. We hope they’ll help you on your journey to realizing your biggest, boldest ideas.