Jake Knapp

Kai Haley

Head of Google Sprint Master Academy

at Google

"As a venture-backed direct-to-consumer company, what we learn through customer experience directly evolves who we are growing into for current and new customers. As we mature to more retail presence in an unprecedented time of disruption and opportunity, every team member must be empowered with the vulnerability to iterate and actively listen for how to be present. Design thinking and facilitation taught by Voltage Control punctuates that kind of learning perfectly."

Jake Knapp

Paul Vicars

Lead for Pilot Training Next


“Voltage Control helped me and my team engage with internal and external stakeholders to identify effective strategies. The collaborative relationships that began in the workshop continue to flourish.”

Jake Knapp

Greg Kaplan

Chief Revenue Officer

At Mural

"I recommend Voltage Control workshops for any sales leader or sales enablement professional who is looking to level up their ability to build strong distributed teams and guide them in continuous improvement. After these workshops, I’m in a better position to build the next generation of sales leaders who are able to apply remote facilitation and design thinking skills to gain competitive advantage."

Jake Knapp

Nick Johnson

Senior Project Manager

at Nike Apparel Innovation

"If you want to have systemic change across your organization, this hands-on experience will change the way you design and implement meetings on a macro-level...The Voltage Control coaches will push you to unlearn the parts of your meetings culture that are not serving you. They will help you help yourself by analyzing what parts of your meeting systems need maintenance and what needs renovation. This purposeful approach will re-engage attention, re-energize teams, and re-define your culture! It’s time for change in corporate culture…Don’t sign-up for this if you don’t want to evolve to define the future."

Jake Knapp

Kiley Davis

Lead User Experience Designer

at Zappos

“Our team loved the Voltage Control workshops! It is a perfect opportunity to bring stakeholders outside of design and engineering backgrounds to come and learn. After these workshops, you can collaborate, experiment, and test much more effectively and efficiently.”

Jake Knapp

Mitchell Jacobson

Executive Director

At Austin Technology incubator

"I highly recommend Voltage Control for running a workshop for your branding or marketing campaign. Two years ago, they quickly helped us, the Austin Technology Incubator, get aligned on a new brand identity, and they also helped us evaluate and fine-tune our organization’s vision, mission and values. If you are going through a merger, a re-branding, or even need help on launching a new marketing campaign, give Voltage Control a call. Doug and his team will help you make quick, high-level decisions so you can optimize your business."

Jake Knapp

Ron Koller


"One of the best things about the VoltageControl.com community is that they setup a virtual learning space that covers every aspect of Edgar Dale’s classic cone of learning. They encompass the principles of adult learning without ever talking about it ... they just do it."

Jake Knapp

Lorna Kapusta

VP, Women Investors

At Fidelity

“Voltage Control’s unbiased perspective meant that we stayed on target and got rapid results. The team was able to quickly converge on a potential solution that gave us amazing insights into our customers.”

Jake Knapp

Charlie Goodenough

Senior Marketing Manager, Global

at Homeaway

“I found the sprint to be a uniquely exhilarating and enriching experience. It drove outputs that would have taken months, if not years to get to otherwise. I would definitely utilise this approach again.”

Jake Knapp

William Reed

Workshop participant


"When time to value is at such a premium today, any opportunity to speed up the sales cycle is something you have to explore. Integrating design thinking and facilitation into the sales process was an eye opener for me. Learning new tools and then getting a chance to practice with others was great. A much needed different approach to the typical sales process which invariably leads to a long string of unproductive meetings. Instead of trying to 'sale' your customers, engage with them and collaborate to find real opportunities. This training has gotten me rethinking the entire the sales approach."

Jake Knapp

Bob Taylor

VP & Senior Corporate Counsel

at Liberty Mutual

"There are many choices for workshops, but in my mind there are very few who get it right. Douglas Ferguson and Voltage Control get it. Voltage Control is a leader in the delivery of innovative and actionable content. I have always found significant value in the material and teaching method used by Voltage Control. If you are looking to learn a topic for the first time or level up your own skills or that of your team, then the virtual workshops offered by voltage control are a great option. After engaging with Voltage Control we are now confidently moving beyond design thinking and regularly pushing prototypes into production."

Jake Knapp

Siya Mali

Customer Experience

At Quip

"As a venture-backed direct-to-consumer company, what we learn through customer experience directly evolves who we are growing into for current and new customers. As we mature to more retail presence in an unprecedented time of disruption and opportunity, every team member must be empowered with the vulnerability to iterate and actively listen for how to be present. Design thinking and facilitation taught by Voltage Control punctuates that kind of learning perfectly."

Jake Knapp

Savannah Carlin

Product Designer

at Tailwind

"I realized my entire role is facilitation. I have to do a lot of lateral influencing. So I use these skills even if it is not a super-structured workshop. Our product team has micro meetings all the time, and these methods help us get the most of those moments. My team can lean on me to facilitate. You will redesign the way you have conversations. I can’t believe every college student doesn’t have to take a class like this. This is how you collaborate. It is the underpinning of the future of work."

Jake Knapp

Christian Coenen

Professor of Marketing and Services Management AT ZHAW

"The LDX workshop with Douglas was a real enrichment in my personal learning path. I am convinced that I can use essential elements of it in workshops with my customers and students. It was not only the technical aspect in Mural, but of course also the design of the learning path and the social component in the team of the co-learners from across the world."

Jake Knapp

Lucy Nersesian

Senior Consultant, Experience Strategist

at Intevity

"The workshop was great - the progressive nature of learning over the course of two days really made an impact in how I retained all the information. I really appreciated all the different methodologies of learning as well - we actually practiced what we can use in future workshops as facilitators. One of the bigger takeaways for me though was connecting with so many people from different backgrounds and learning about how they facilitate - made some great connections!"

Jake Knapp

Mark Tippin

Head of services


"Anyone that can construct a sequence of conversations to lead others is a metaskill. Anyone who participates in meetings or owns an agenda would benefit from this. It is a whirlwind, but you are among others who are in charge of making an impact. This is a practical, hands-on deep dive for managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders who can change their culture by leading meetings like a pro."

Jake Knapp

Vishal Iyer

UX Supervisor

At 18F/ GSA

"I loved the conference and the workshop. As a relatively novice facilitator, I returned energized and inspired. As far as the page goes, it seems to have a bunch of seemingly disparate events. Talking about how they all connect together could be useful. Same thing when I signed up for the conference as well- I mostly did so because of rave reviews from my colleagues. It was a little hard to tell what I was getting into from the event page. Again, this is for folks who aren't already experienced facilitators. There's so much value here for folks in leadership roles etc."

Jake Knapp

April Aandal

Workshop Participant

At Virtual Sales Sprint

"As a career leader in sales, sales curriculum design & education and leadership development, I love the experience of selling and facilitation...This program sits at the cross hairs of the sales, design thinking and facilitation disciplines, with an authentic commitment to delivering a human centered approach.

If you have a sales process - great! Use these tools creatively to elevate your client experiences throughout your process. If you don’t yet have a sales process, acquiring the skills and disciplines necessary to use these tools will inspire you to create “fundamentally human” experiences and processes that matter to your prospects, clients, your organization and you."

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