Charismatic leadership plays an instrumental role in creating change. Tap into the power of influence to push your culture towards a greater good.

Motivation and encouragement are game-changers in the workplace, making the power of charismatic leadership undeniable. The magic of charisma gives leaders the chance to influence their teams toward the greater good. 

Statistics show that the magic of charisma is truly transformational: with added motivation from dedicated leaders, 87% of employees are less likely to quit, and as we are amid the great resignation, retention is critical. Likewise, 60% of employees hope to receive encouragement from managers and leaders, acknowledging their hard work. Ultimately, employees and management alike look to charismatic leaders for their positive energy, endless motivation, and constant encouragement in the face of workplace challenges and inevitable changes.

Charismatic leadership

In this article, we explore the power of charisma and its effect on leadership and change with the following topics:

  • The Power of Charisma 
  • Traits of Charismatic Leadership
  • A Charismatic Culture Shift
  • The Secret of Influence
  • Influence and Change Management

The Power of Charisma

Leaders can harness charismatic leadership for good. The power of charisma gives leaders the ability to motivate others through their charm, persuasiveness, and interpersonal connection.  

Charismatic leaders put people first. These leaders are ever-encouraging, giving their team the added motivation to feel as though they can conquer the world. 

While charisma seems like an intangible attribute, charismatic leadership is one of the most effective ways to approach change management. Genuine charisma also allows those with influence to inspire quickly, engage, and connect with their audience. The power to connect with others quickly is especially helpful in companies spearheading company-wide changes. 

Charismatic leaders have the ability to transform their teams completely, whether they’re encouraging them to try something new or looking to institute organizational-wide changes. Charismatic leadership is a positive way to lead your team to success.

Traits of Charismatic Leadership

Charismatic leadership is all about leading with your heart on your sleeve. These leaders have the uncanny ability to put others first, focusing on their uniquely human needs.

These charismatic leaders tend to display the following traits: 


Charismatic leaders don’t hold back when it comes to their passions. These leaders speak from a sense of strong conviction as they sincerely believe in the work they do. This impassioned leadership is key to evoking the same sense of commitment in others. 


Leaders looking to lead with charisma are actively empathetic and take a human-centered approach to leadership. Empathy is a key quality in helping leaders navigate challenges. In their ability to relate better to their colleagues, clients, and employees, empathetic leaders can open the door to trust, creating a transparent environment where team members feel comfortable enough to share their truth. 

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Enthusiasm is hard to come by in many workplaces but is a key ingredient in positively motivating others. Creating an enthusiasm-filled environment allows leaders to convey this same energy to their team members. This sense of enthusiasm also helps organizations warm up to new change initiatives and other innovative ideas leaders may share. 


The power of charismatic leadership lies in its sheer positivity. A positive attitude or optimistic outlook is a must for effective leadership. These types of leaders opt for an optimistic worldview that allows them to lead with a similar sense of hope and full confidence. By looking toward the bright side, these leaders can influence their team to feel the same. 

Charismatic Leadership

A Charismatic Culture Shift 

Charismatic leadership has the power to change company culture completely. Charisma offers a new way of thinking, being, and doing. Through charismatic leadership, organizations can design a culture that centers on kindness, vision, self-awareness, active listening, mutual respect, and openness. By harnessing these critical elements of charisma, leaders are able to zero in on shifting their team towards a more positive perspective.

Use charismatic leadership to transform your company culture by honing in on the following elements:


Charismatic leadership requires a keen sense of maturity. The most charismatic leaders are those with powerful personalities forged from years of business experience and knowledge that allow them to lead with maturity. These leaders respect every team member and recognize what talents each person brings to the workplace. 


Charisma can often be mistaken for arrogance, but the truth is that charismatic leadership is only effective when paired with humility. The most humble leaders are willing to admit their mistakes. Moreover, leaders who practice humility put their people first, understanding that no one member of the team is more important than the other. Organizations that prioritize humility also work to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, as all team members are valued members of the community. 

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Confidence is a charismatic leader’s calling card. Organizations that value human-centered leadership must be committed to their mission and vision to persuade their team members to do the same successfully. This level of unshakable confidence will translate to motivation for your team as they realize how much you believe in them and your initiative. Leaders can approach change with empathy, understanding, and excitement by transferring this confidence to the rest of an organization. 

Body Language

The best leaders know how to communicate with body language alone. Oftentimes, leaders can communicate negatively through their body language. From crossing their arms to positioning themselves away from their employees, poor body language results in a lack of strong leadership. 

Alternatively, charismatic leaders are filled with joy and openness. Leaders who greet their team with a smile, listen with their eyes, and have a generally laid-back demeanor will help their employees feel comfortable, even in uncertain situations.  

The Secret of Influence 

Charismatic leadership may seem like magic, but it’s simply a human way of tapping into motivation. Make the most of its leadership style by learning to be open to the influence of others. The most effective influencers rely on education and inspiration to lead others to the desired outcome. In leading their audience to a particular solution, these leaders open themselves up to what others have to say and share. 

These influential leaders prioritize learning over everything as their end goal is to deepen relationships and build trust. Leaders can demonstrate their commitment to learning by making a habit of putting what they’ve learned into practice. Pick something you’ve recently learned and bring it into your work practice. Whether it’s a new piece of tech or an interesting concept from a recent podcast, bringing something new to your routine will give your team members the chance to challenge the way they work.

charismatic leadership

Influence and Change Management

Charismatic leadership plays an instrumental role in promoting a culture that welcomes change.

With the power of influence, leaders are able to forge an undeniable connection with their colleagues and employees. This trust built between leadership and team members helps leaders inspire support, especially when change is introduced. 

Often, leaders face change challenges such as employee resistance and a lack of morale. Organizations that embody the characteristics of charismatic leadership automatically empower their team members to be desirous of change.

Moreover, the power of charismatic leadership lies in a leader’s ability to win hearts and minds with their mutual respect, kindness, and care for their team members. When employees feel as though their leaders have their best interests at heart, they’re willing to follow them wherever they may lead.

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