Herbs & Harmony

Last week I facilitated a Design Sprint for Service Direct. It was a delightful experience. The team read the book, and all came prepared to do some critical and intentional work. Their CTO, John Turpin, listened carefully to all my pre-work advice, including my recommendation to provide healthy and nourishing food. Many of my clients disregard this guidance and instead bring in “treats” in order to celebrate the big day.

I was excited when John told me that he had selected chef Taylor Green of Herbs and Harmony to provide food for their Sprint. I had heard great things and had never had a chance to eat any of her food. These Sprint lunches exceeded all my expectations by a large margin. Taylor’s food was heavenly delicious, and nobody got the post-lunch slump. The low fat and high protein cuisine fueled the team and kept them focused through the afternoon which is often plagued with lack of clarity.

Delicious and healthy food

As a personal bonus, this food did not negatively impact my blood sugar. I am diabetic, and I typically eat an animal protein-rich paleo style diet. Herbs and Harmony’s food was often vegan, yet not laden with blood sugar spiking sugars. I hope to use Herbs and Harmony for future Sprints when possible.

“I had so much fun serving the Service Direct team during their intense week of creative work. It is such an honor to cook for those who value the connection between balanced nutrition and intellectual success!”

Service Direct’s Sprint Menu


Buffalo Cauliflower Lasagna with a spinach side salad


Chicken Tortilla Soup with garden veggies and paleo tortilla crisps


Fish Tacos with Baja Beet Slaw


Vegan Sloppy Joes with baked purple sweet potato and almond pepper jack


Shrimp Fajitas with all the fixin’s

Taste • Balance • Heal
Taste • Balance • Heal