Invest in C-suite success with an executive leadership development program that targets change, growth, and innovation.

An executive leadership development program can completely transform how an organization operates. Consistent leadership development allows businesses and their teams to stay at the top of their game by sharpening the minds of those at the front lines.

Organizations committed to developing their leaders with long-term training programs can attract and retain the best workforce in the industry.

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Statistics show a deep need for intentional executive and leadership development as 42% of managers cite observation as the primary form of professional development rather than formal training. By investing in an executive leadership development program, organizations take the initiative to help their employees prepare for future executive positions, implement change, and strengthen their overall prowess as leaders.

In this article, we’ll explore the link between the right executive development program and C-suite success with the following topics:

  • What is an Executive Leadership Development Program?
  • Who Benefits From Executive Leadership Development Programs?
  • Facilitating Organizational Change
  • Consultations for Innovative Change
  • Facilitation Certification Sessions
  • The Long-Term Impact of Leadership Development

What is an Executive Leadership Development Program?

Leadership development is essential to strengthening an organization and the team that builds it. Leadership development programs help an organization inspire, advance, and sustain its top-tier employees. By prioritizing your team’s growth, you’ll reap the rewards of healthier company culture, improved employee morale, and better results overall.

By committing to the right executive development program, team leaders are able to maintain growth and sustainability as their company continues to expand. The best development programs work to design and fulfill specific goals that are unique to your team and company, with core values that tie everything together. By prioritizing your employees and management, you’ll enjoy increased employee retention, greater team morale, improved productivity, increased decision making, stronger collaborative teams, and more confident leaders that are prepared for whatever comes next. 

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Who Benefits from Executive Leadership Development Programs?

Executive leadership development programs are beneficial to all leaders in an organization, but primarily members of the C-suite, Chief Talent Officers, Continuous Improvement professionals, and Learning & Development experts.

Curious if your team is a fit for an executive leadership development programs? 

Great program consultation is most beneficial to: 

  • Trainers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Team managers and leaders
  • Executives 
  • Startup founders 

Facilitating Organizational Change 

The right executive development program plays an essential role in facilitating organizational change. Custom programs prioritize change, growth, and innovation. 

When looking for the right executive development program it is important to investigate how the program will accelerate innovation, how it prototyps solutions, how your team will gather insights, and in what ways the program will improve team cohesion with collaborative tools. Programs need to be focused on the most appropriate techniques for leadership development, structures such as liberating structures, design sprints, and applied improv are great examples of these techniques. 

What should be included in a Superconductor Innovation Process:

  • Discovery Workshops
    • In the Discovery Workshop, align your goals, review timelines, and clarify your expectations for upcoming projects. 
  • Workshop Plans
    • It is important to design a cohesive agenda often accompanied with a corresponding design board.
  • Orientation
    • Critical to orient participants and set expectations for the process and design board.
  • Facilitated Workshops
    • Facilitated workshops increase focus on driving desired outcomes.
  • Recaps
    • Are necessary to align goals, review timelines, and clarify expectations. 
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Consultations for Innovative Change

Innovation is a major part of executive development. Leadership development programs will propel your innovation and prepare your company to face whatever comes next. If you and your team become hyperfocused on innovative change and work to generate and visualize big ideas, overcome challenges, you can turn visions into realities.

The right development programs will help you:

  • Transform your organization through design thinking
  • Design and maintain cohesive teams through periods of rapid growth
  • Excel in remote collaborative work and virtual collaboration
  • Shift company culture and facilitate organizational change

Executive development programs should match your organization at every level of need. Sessions benefit companies and teams that are focused on taking their innovation to new heights. The right programs are ideal for anyone learning the latest techniques in design thinking, and facilitation. 

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Our top picks for programs built for innovation include:

  • Design Sprints
    • If you’re launching a new service or product
  • Team Alignment
    • If you need to establish norms for a newly formed or reformed team
  • Innovation Acceleration
    • If you’re facilitating a big change and need to increase support but lack the resources
  • Meeting Systems
    • If you need to improve team meeting productivity
  • Cultural Transitions
    • If you hope to create a more collaborative and inclusive company culture
  • Design Dash
    • If you want to grow your innovation skills and test prototypes quickly
  • Virtual Events
    • If you hope to have more impactful and engaging hybrid, virtual, or in-person group meetings.

Facilitation Certification Sessions

Facilitation certifications will guide you in the art of facilitation and leading team meetings. A facilitator certification program will provide key foundation skills. Certification sessions give attendees the experience, practice, and confidence to facilitate effectively.

When looking for a certification traning you want to be sure learnings are centered around:

  • Cultivating and strengthening your passion and prowess as an expert facilitator
  • Utilizing the latest facilitation methods for greater growth and facilitation outcomes
  • Identifing the most appropriate strategies for your facilitation needs

The Long-Term Impact of Leadership Development

Leadership development is vital in today’s world and will continue to grow in complexity. Today’s uncertain and volatile environment requires organizations to expand quickly and adjust seamlessly to ever-changing expectations. In the long term, the right executive leadership development program allows companies to advance their organizational capabilities and leadership skills indefinitely.

The long-term impact of leadership development programs will have a ripple effect from the top-down. In addition to helping train the C-suite, these development programs help coach the best and the brightest in your team’s talent pool. Such programs highlight the need for individual initiative and are ideal for employees that are ready to take on more responsibility and expand their capabilities in their company. 

At Voltage Control, our change experts and facilitation professionals are here to develop the best programs to fit your team’s needs. Our custom sessions for leadership development, Master Facilitation Certification, and change management will help advance your organization and retain your top talent. Contact us today for a consultation to determine which program is the best fit for you.

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