Thinking About Persuasion in a Cultural Context

Control the Room Ambassador: Erin Warner

Persuasion (“convincing others to buy into your idea or a different way of doing things to build consensus or make a decision”) consistently appears near the top of LinkedIn’s list of in-demand skills. Having participated in persuasion workshops in various countries I have observed interesting culture-specific responses — on different matters in different countries. This raises the question: does persuasion work differently in different cultures? Are persuasive techniques culturally-contingent? Do some approaches risk exacerbating or trading on cultural differences? Together we will explore these questions, bringing our whole selves and doing a deep dive on persuasion and culture with an intersectional and ethical framework.


October 26, 2021


3pm - 4pm CT​


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What to expect

The Ambassador Event Experience

We're excited to launch Control The Room Ambassador events, hosted by our one-of-a-kind ambassadors each month, to continue the conversation to the future of facilitation. In these events, you'll have an experience like no other to ideate together with other networks and communities apart of the Facilitation Lab and beyond. These sessions will be hosted each month by our diverse group of ambassadors from the Facilitation Lab, so stay tuned for more events to mark your calendars.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself

When could your group use more energy? When was the last time your group was excited & inspired at work? When was the last time they opened up, bellied up, and tackled a hard problem with vulnerability and resolve? How about a break? Would they welcome just a few moments to breathe and relax? With all our modern hullabaloo, how can you help everyone block out distractions and focus?

How You'll Learn

This event will be activity-based to open the conversation about local government. You’ll recognize, practice, and learn from other facilitators in the room with Eric at the helm. He won’t just talk at you — you’ll learn through ideating together, work with other participants, and gather feedback. This is an interactive experience to learn from one another and gain inspiration to reimagine our local government in our communities.



Jumpstart the conversation


Dive into the conservation focus


Be open to communication with other facilitators in the room


Come together to ideate & grow from the experience

Who Should Attend

Community Leaders

Looking to open the conversation to build better communities


Ideating outside the box to explore


Sharpen your energy & intention


Leaning in to brainstorm across a range of communities

Key Takeaways

How do the "principles of persuasion” resonate within your cultural framework?

What cultures do you work or negotiate within?

How are you assuring that you don’t trade on cultural power to attain success?

How are you assuring that misunderstanding culture does not impede your success?

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Erin Warner

Erin is a senior partner of EXEC Consulting, LLC for over 6 years. She sparked a passion for the facilitation industry starting back in 2020 and has gained insight from a world of leading facilitators. She considers herself a bridge builder, optimist, & recovering perfectionist.
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