How to Remix Anything Template

for Mural & Miro

How to Remix Anything Template

Even Ideas Get Stale

We do a lot of Concept Generation with clients. Sometimes telling ourselves to 'change lenses' and 'be disruptive' just doesn't deliver results. The Remix can be done in many different ways; endlessly vary your points of inspiration and approach to get a different outcome until you find what you need. By definition, it should be something you didn't know you wanted.

How to Remix Anything Template

Be Your Own Disc Jockey

One way to look at the activity itself is that it's all about Design Heuristics and reference points. Another angle to consider is that in order to be provocative, you need to do away with the obvious. Even a delicious recipe benefits from iteration from time to time, otherwise the menu gets boring. Enjoy changing things up with a little help from our Mural Template.

How to Remix Anything Template

Our Tips


Start with a general problem statement that contains some constraints. Avoid Buzzwords.


This exercise takes about 60 minutes. Multi-disciplinary teams deliver on this best because their views tend to be more divergent.


Start with a general problem statement that contains some constraints. Avoid Buzzwords. Pick the wildest-sounding prompts to get the best results.


Don’t be discouraged if your idea isn’t chosen. You want to get a group of people thinking differently and aligning around a new approach or definition.

The Books

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