Design Sprints

Design Sprints

Developed first at Google Ventures, the Design Sprint is a tried-and-true method for answering your most important business challenges.

Design Sprints are a 5-day process to align team members and key stakeholders behind solving a problem, then rapidly prototyping and testing a potential solution. Each day has well-defined exercises selected to focus the team on a specific outcome. Testing ideas quickly in 5 days prevents you from getting emotionally attached to your ideas. This is critical, because as David Aycan points out, even when we know testing and validating is important, “It’s hard to acknowledge the faults in your baby when you’ve been invested for weeks or months.” — Fast Company

Design Sprints are a major investment. The direct labor costs alone are significant, not to mention the opportunity cost of not getting the most from everyone on the team. A Design Sprint Agency like Voltage Control will help ensure that you tap the full potential of your team. When you work with us you can rest assure that we will guide you through all of the necessary preparations and planning steps needed to guarantee success. As a neutral third party, we will also establish a safe environment for everyone to contribute at the top of their abilities.

Whether you just need help facilitating or you want it all taken care of, our full service Design Sprint Agency model can flex to your needs. Let our expert facilitators lead you through the process. We can do it virtually or in-person. You’ll be amazed at what you can do in five days.

Design Sprints

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