Seven reasons to consider working with a strategic planning consultant.

Are you running a company and struggling with a particular business challenge or question about your users? One thing to consider is hiring a strategic planning consultant. It is their job to analyze the position your company is in and work with you to figure out what’s working and what’s not. Be warned: they are blunt. But, they are also fair. You may not like everything they say, but they are effective.

Still not sure if this service could help your company? Here is a basic rundown of all the ways you might benefit from hiring a strategic consultant.

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1. A Strategic Planning Consultant Helps You Plan

A strategic planning consultant’s purpose isn’t to read over your plan and then check it off so you can go execute. Their job is to sit with you during this planning phase and actually work with you on it. They will analyze your company so they can lead you down the path of smart business decisions.

2. They Facilitate the Process

When strategic planning consultants first come in, they review everything that has to do with your company. They familiarize themselves with the ins-and-outs, from your employees to your planning methods. This is so when you’re holding your strategic planning meetings they can help you stay on track with what needs to be done and keep things productive.

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3. They Ask the Big Questions

Strategic planning consultants ask all the big questions that you are afraid to. Your answers to these deep, probing questions are the key to unlocking the reason why your business isn’t going in the direction you want it to. Consultants aren’t afraid to dig into potentially touchy subjects, but don’t let that deter you; it will help you learn more about your business in the long run.

4. Consultants Challenge Your Status Quo

A consultant will challenge the status quo. That means everything you’re currently doing with your business is potentially on the chopping block. The worst thing you can do is get in the way. A business can be like a child; your first instinct might be to become defensive when your consultant wants to change something significant. Fight that urge and embrace the new ideas.

5. They Make an Honest Assessment

Strategic planning consultants take an honest assessment of your company’s situation. They will share their insights with you when they are finished and have come to some conclusions. Big problems will be discussed in enough detail where you’ll be able to easily make changes. You’ll have the benefit of an outsider’s perspective to see what shifts you might want to make in your company.

6. They Keep What Works

Every company has their individual strengths. The role of the consultant is to point out these strengths so you can keep it up. At the same time, every company has weaknesses as well. However, you may never see these issues yourself, which is why another set of eyes is important. Your consultant can help you identify areas in which you are weak so you can slowly start to improve them.

7. They Analyze and Get Involved

The consultant’s job doesn’t end with analyzing your company. They get involved with helping you come up with a new plan. They can sit down and help with your market research, talk about new plans of attack, or go over financial issues and budget.

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Consider Hiring Strategic Planning Consultants

If something in your business isn’t working strategic planning consultants can help you figure out what it is. Hiring one could be the push you need to get your business back on track.

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