Join us for our three-day virtual summit!

Deepen your knowledge on how to facilitate meetings that matter and connect with other facilitation and meeting practitioners. The event will include lightning talks, networking, and hands-on workshops from expert facilitators sharing methods & activities.

Our Theme for 2021 is Connection.

“We must establish a personal connection with each other. Connection before content. Without relatedness, no work can occur.” —Peter Block

Human connection is an integral component of the work we do as facilitators. When we connect things become possible. When we are disconnected there is dysfunction. When ideas connect they become solutions. When movements connect they become revolutions. At the very start of the pandemic, it became clear that our facilitation community was concerned about the impacts of remote work on human connection. This topic has certainly evolved since April, yet I still see it surface and find it worthy of a dialogue.


February 2-4, 2021


10:30am-3:30pm CDT



Available ticket types


In addition to three days of the Virtual Summit, access to virtual speaker round table on February 1, 2021 and receive mailed facilitator care package shipped to your door!

Live Ticket

Access to all three days of the Virtual Summit

18 Speakers total

6 Lightning Talks + 6 90-min Workshops Per Day

(attendees choose 1 workshop per day)

Speakers will be announced 12-1-20!

Interested in speaking? Submit your idea today!

We are committed to a speaker lineup representing the diversity of gender, race and thought that we should expect in our community and are doing our very best to improve the diversity of our attendees as well. If you or someone you know might make a good speaker and would bring valuable diversity to the event or is part of a traditionally underrepresented group, please encourage them to apply and/or reach out to I’m happy to connect personally and help to plan and submit a presentation.

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About Voltage Control

Voltage Control is an innovation workshop agency founded by Douglas Ferguson, an entrepreneur and technologist with over 20 years of experience. With his unique combination of  expertise in technology, product strategy, and design thinking, Douglas offers trusted guidance to companies who want to jumpstart their product or project with an impactful innovation workshop. Based in Austin, Voltage Control designs and leads custom innovation workshops and Design Sprints, as developed by Google Ventures. 

Wait, what's facilitation?

Whether you know it or not, you are probably a facilitator. The act of facilitating is to make an operation or process easier. Facilitation skills are crucial to exercise when planning and running meetings to make them as participative and productive as possible. It’s imperative to company profit and culture to conduct successful meetings. Perfecting the art of facilitation is one of the most important and beneficial skill sets that make a successful leader.

A skilled facilitator can supercharge a team’s performance by functioning as a process guide for navigating complicated business challenges. Facilitators are experts at leading groups through key meetings and gatherings. Facilitators exist to enable better gatherings between teams, stakeholders, or collaborators of any kind.

What People are Saying

"I loved the conference. As a relatively novice facilitator, I returned energized and inspired. When I signed up for the conference - I mostly did so because of rave reviews from my colleagues. It was a little hard to tell what I was getting into from the event page. There's so much value here for folks in leadership roles etc."


UX Supervisor

"I realized my entire role is facilitation. I have to do a lot of lateral influencing. So I use these skills even if it is not a super-structured workshop. Our product team has micro meetings all the time, and these methods help us get the most of those moments. My team can lean on me to facilitate. You will redesign the way you have conversations. I can’t believe every college student doesn’t have to take a class like this. This is how you collaborate. It is the underpinning of the future of work."


Product Designer



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