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How well do you know your team? Could you name their favorite books? What book do you think they'd most encourage you to read? Have you ever had that conversation with them? The results of exchanging favorite book recommendations with your team might surprise you. You will get insights into what motivates others, and you might just find the inspiration you've been looking for.

It's a human recommendation engine....

Forget about all the Amazon algorithms, they are no match for the wisdom and perspective your team has to offer. We ran this recently during our weekly facilitation practice and the diversity of recommendations we curated was exciting and refreshing. This exercise is quick enough to use as a warmup; so what's stopping you? Go do it now!



A visual representation of your team contextualized with a charter statement that acts as a north star for your team or project.


This exercise takes between 30-60 minutes. Access to quality images is a must and if your company has a license for stock photo archives, I would find that password before running the activity.


Iterate on this once a quarter or when priorities shift. Refer back to them regularly, both individually and as a team, to help make decisions or when you need some inspiration.


Inside jokes are ok, but don't take them too far. You want to make sure no one is embarrassed when the SVP asks you to explain the print out.

Beyond the Prototype


Bring Your Ideas to Life 

Innovation can seem complex or reserved for the exceptional. But we believe innovation is for everyone. We’ve set out to illuminate a path for you to: generate bold ideas, visualize and share them, overcome obstacles, and turn your idea into reality. Our books are equal parts guidebook and stories from years of experience helping companies adopt an innovation mindset and culture. They’re practical & actionable, so you can get started now. We hope they’ll help you on your journey to realizing your biggest, boldest ideas.


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